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Piece a cake


mods please don't remove this... Tnationers life will increase tenfold after watching this.



Before I first saw that video I always just thought that the "What?" and "Yeah" were just Dave Chapelle trying to make Lil John seem like an idiot (and providing something else for people to repeat ad nauseum). Now I know better and am sure that I made the right decision by never listening to any crunk, Southern rap, or anything by someone named Lil.




This is a defilement of true art.

Please everyone, watch the unlatered original "Cookin' By the Book" for an enlightening, soul-strengthening blissful 2 minutes.
Then you could try the entertaining, yet not as affirming, "You are a Pirate" by the same loveable folks.


glenn danzig shopping list.







How the fuck did this thread get a 5 star rating??!? hmmm humans.. they creep me out.


You're telling me. I've never felt comfortable around these meatbags.


This makes it all worthwhile to those that didn't find it worthwhile.


you're right nards! this is a fucking masterpiece. It has more soul. I love it!


alright fellas.. this is lazy town to eddie murphies smash hit "party all the time"




I'd love to see this song played at a club sometime.







Alright, when I made my first post I hadn't actually watched the op's vid, I was just fucking with the guy who said he shouldn't listen to Southern rappers with "Lil" in their title. But now that I just watched 1/2 the vid.... WHAT THE FUCK??? How old is that girl? I was actually kind of creeped out watching a 10 year old girl do the splits while Lil John was shouting "Back it up Bitch" in the background. That whole thing felt very, very wrong.