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Pictures of Those Giving Advice...


Hello all. My name is Rob,Ive been a lurker here for a while now. Excellent site! But I am curious as to all these people that post advice on nutrition, lifting, etc. as to what they look like. I only say this because I remember reading a post and a reply and seen the pic of the guy, if it was himself, and was like really? Not saying that a guy 6' and 140lbs cant know what he is talking about,its just that I would like to get advice from someone who is what I want to look like.

It like going and getting an out of shape trainer, doesnt make sense to me, maybe Im wrong. You can blur out your head if you like but Im sure alot of people would like to see if this person has walked the walk and is a good representation of what most of us would like to look like,that is, at least like a Mens Health cover guy or better. Well thats my two cents. Thank you for reading this and hope I havent offended anyone. I look forward to being a member here as this is where I get all my nutrition and lifting advice.


^^Did you read the Avatar Suggestions thread? pretty much exactly what you're talking about.

This is a never ending debate/request. Lots of people give out advice without pictures and the same people who have pictures up request pics from the anonymous/pic less members. Just except it now... Its not gonna happen.

Just read a lot and you'll figure out who has solid advice and who doesnt. For the most part you should never take one persons advice as gospel.







Don't listen to Gregron. His avatar is not a picture of himself.


I came here to chew bubble gum and give advice...and I'm all out of advice.


Who would you rather listen to when it comes to playing football? Brock lesnar? or Bill Bellichik? One looks like a football player, the other is a football genious who looks like an average 50 year old couch potatoe.

Anyone remember old pics of Dave Barr or even CT?

I'm sure they have gotten smarter since then, but we all have.

See some of you guys have never slept with a really hot chick (and found out she's terrible in bed), so you still think looks are everything. Trust someone with a little world experience. There are a hell of a lot of people that know what they are talking about and can pass that on that don't have the drive, ability, time, patence or genetics to achieve the results themselves.

Another point, You could have a 6' 240 Lb guy on here looking ripped telling you to go HIT, short intense workouts, Intermitten fastiong eating style. Going heavy etc... And the next guy could be 6' 240 Lbs looking ripped as well telling you to workout twice per day 5 days a week, eating 7 meals minimum per day consisting of mainly chicken, rice and tuna and some veggies. Then you could have another guy who is 6' 240 Lbs also ripped and he could advise you to do total body workouts 2X per week. Focusing mainly on big compound movements and pick an accessory excercise or two to focus on each month. Eat 3 normal meals per day but really focus on peri-workout nutrition, get plenty of sleep, and focus on your supplementation for health and longevity.

The thing is all three could be right and there could be 10 more guys who all achived results going down a different path. There is a certain ceiling for an average guy to get large and in shape. I'm just throwing out the 6' 240 Lb thing because I think thats a fair number for a normal genetic limitation that can be reached through consistent training and a small focus on eating enough to grow. If your 5'6" maybe the number is 210 Lbs.

The only advice that you can follow to get to this "genetic ceiling" is to stay consistent. Time is the only thing that will get you there and quitting early is the only thing that can keep you from it. (injury aside). Now if you are sitting AT your genetic ceiling, then you need to start asking for adive on how to break through that and progress to any number of specialties, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strongman, Jersey shore juice monkey etc... Now you need to focus your plan, hone your focus etc...

And no you can't have my picture you little pervert. I don't want some little freak jacking off to a shirtless picture of myself. Under the rules of men, that would make me 1/10th gay, or something like that. (you better watch out gregron, he's gonna be spanking to your new AVI)



That's me in my avatar. The 2 year old girl - that's my dad with me. I can ask him some questions for you if he looks like someone you think is worthy of listening to.

Lemme know...also - do you happen to have any pony stickers on you?


^ Nice that made me chuckle. OP I suggest you PM X and ask him.


You will get more than enough information if you just stick to the articles, and you know those are written by someone who can actually back up their words not some 14 year old on a power trip in his mom's house.


THE best fucking advice anyone can give you, OP.

now quit posting stupid questions, read the articles, train your ass off, eat everything in site.

And yes, I am a Viking warrior-


"Do as I say, not as I do."


I dont necessarily agree with this statement. There are a lot of authors on here who walk the walk and can back up their words. Then there are others...


like this kind of lurker? you should really have an accurate avatar so i know if you're just somebody who reads the site or an agent of the swarm.


this really lends nothing to your argument


It doesn't? if this guy told OP how to work out you think he would find him credible based on an "eye" test?







Who are these "others" you speak of?

Also, IronDwarf.... My avatar isn't me, your right. It was a guy in my gyms bathroom. I sneaked that picture through a crack in the stall door while I was dropping a deuce :slight_smile: