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Pictures of the Great Depression, 2009


Here are shots from the tent city in downtown Sacremento.




Aren't these pics about 6 months old? I remember seeing this on the news, I swear it was 6-8 months ago.


Get a job you hippies.


Most of these people are not hippies, but rather unemployed
and homeless, due to the mortgage crisis. And, sadly, America is evolving away from the kinds of work that individuals could do who don't have specialized skills.

As this number grows, and remember that they can vote, expect some sort of move toward Socialism.


HH, I was joking; after all, I am a hippie at heart -- even if I don't buy into all the "Mother Earth", commerce is evil mumbo-jumbo.


I drive by this place every day. It's between the Sacramento and Amercan rivers at the confluence. Loaves and Fishes, the local food / shelter is nearby so it's a good place for them logistically, and most of the cops don't hassle them too much. This has been going on for YEARS, so it's NOT the depression/recession.


yes america still has tent cities.

way to completely lie about these pictures youve posted. great job.


That's what I was thinking too. I only vaguely remember this story, but from what I understand these tent cities aren't a "new" phenomenoa in this area.

Being homeless in Sacramento really isn't all that bad anyway, I wonder if any of them choose to live that way.


Most of us hippies have a job:)


Puts a dent in the OP's argument.


Not really. The tent cities are springing up all over the country. They're filling up with former blue collar people who can't find a job in those fields. Capitalism is great but unsustainable. Come to think of it, so is every other form of government. The only thing that's sustainable is change. Never ending change.


I just saw CNN which ran this story this morning, so HH is NOT lying. ent city IS bigger, but it has always existed.


The Media and Government are just making up this whole "recession" thing!

Look at this evidence!


Your attempts at parody are sadly banal, and getting annoying. This is about the 50th post with something like that. Cut it out already and just post your position, it would make it so much more palatable.


This isn't attributed to capitalism. Quit parroting big government rhetoric. They want you to believe it is the free market's fault so they can wrest power away from free people to choose their own path.

Capitalism is the way out of this mess not the cause of it.


Further report. The tent city has gained worldwide status and is covered Nationally.

It has about 1,500 tents and is 300% larger than last year's normally homeless crowd.


Im actually completely against big government. It's actually the govt meddling with capitalism that caused this, namely globalization.