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Pictures of Self


I was thinking earlier today and I realized that everytime I see a picture of myself or glance at myself in a mirror when I'm laughing or practically any other kind of facial expression I always think "damn, I look ugly" or "I look weird" or "damn, wipe that stupid look off your face before somebody else notices it."

Now I'm not a self-hating person and I don't have a low self-esteem. If I see a girl that I really want to talk to, then every now and then I'll be able to talk to her. But whenever I see my face I'm like "damn....I don't wanna see that."

Does anybody else have this problem? Is it just that I've seen my face every day of my life that I'm just sorta sick of it? I don't know.


DAYUM, chis!!!!

I've got the SAME problem...

(Seriously...you've got to Love yourself first, Brother...)



Yep. I've been married for 14 years, and everytime I look in the mirror I think to myself, "damn - jana must be blind. I am one ugly son of a bitch".

And I am usually an uber confident - nay - cocky, self-absorbed, self-worshipping bastard.


I second that.



Chris , your a T-man your going to have muscles and athletic ability longer than most. But what is more important than that is your personality which lasts a lot longer. I spend most of my time in the politics forum so i don't see a lot of your posts but if i remember right you definitely have a sense of humor. And personality whats that TV show about the fast food superheros? Shows you have a sense of humor which is fun to be around, and i would rather have that than good looks any day.


It's ok, a man doesn't need to be good looking, he just needs to know how to talk to the ladies or your special lady.

Anywhere you go you see more ugly guys with hot girls than the other way around.


I bet your perception is way off. I actually have HIDDEN my drivers license photo from people and when they finally see it they say I look like a cross between Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt (yeah, not quite!) but they DO tell me I'm crazy to be "insecure".

The mirror is the same way to me. I even was afraid to go into a pool when I was younger cause I though my hair was the only thing keeping me from being world-class UGLY and I didn't want to mess it up.

The truth is, I've had some really attractive girlfriends in the past and my wife is really hot (even pregnant).

I dated a girl that actually won a small, local beauty pageant. It goes to show you you can't be seeing what others see.

(I'm STILL ugly, I don't care what others see!)


See, what the problem here is the mirror makers are in bed with the beauty supply makers.They are making a killing off of us becasue we look through mirrors that make us think we look worse that we do, therefore we buy more shit to try to make us look better. It's a sweet gig.

Btw, we all look ugly to ourselves.



the girls tell me I'm good looking. And I normally end up with top notch ones. So I must be doing something right.

But then women arent nearly as shallow as us. They look at that...personality crap.


I think I have a goofy looking face so I try to make the best of it. Try making funny faces at people at inopportune times when it would be bad to crack up. Thats fun.
If it's realy bad you can put one up in the "ugly faces" thread.


You guys think you have problems...

You've only seen glimpses of me I know, but it doesn't take much imagination to fill in the blanks.

Mrs. Quatch is one very unlucky woman


eh appreicate what you have been given, it could be alot worse. As long as you believe in your own abilities and portray yourself as a confident individual everything will be fine.

But you must first love yourself.


Chris my best friend is morbidly obese. He hates working out and loves eating, he's soft-spoken has a beard and is heavily balding @ 28. He has a girlfriend but he could get the play if he wanted because he has a sense of humor, and is smart. I've seen his ugly mug approached by several hot chicks but he's a faithful guy.


Not sure why you feel like that.

By the way are you the same Chris who had a site called madmaddox???
I loved the articles on that site and would appreciate it if you could post the link to it.



I think some of you are missing the point of what I said.

I'm still generally confident and sometimes even cocky. I just don't really like how my face looks and I'm simply trying to find out if this is probably a product of either a skewed perception or me just being sick of seeing the same mug for my whole life.

To give you an idea, when I approach a girl - like most guys I'm generally nervous - but the things that are running through my head generally are "I hope she doesn't have a big boyfriend thats gonna kick my ass once I start flirting with her" or "I hope I say the right things and don't stumble on my words." These thoughts are completely unrelated to thinking "I hope the lights are dim so she doesn't see how elephant man-like my face is."

I appreciate everybodys input though even though it may be a bit off-point. I think I may have come across with my point the wrong way.


Skewed perception. Obsessing (yes I used that word) about the way your face looks is the biggest waste of fucking time. Are you planning on changing anything about it? Plastic surgery? I didn't think so. It's who you are, it's what your mom and dad's fabulous genes gave you. Get over it.

I could spend hours plucking my eyebrows just right or wishing my nose looked different or that I had a different smile. What's the point? It's out of your control. Instead, I found little things I liked, such as my really freakin blue eyes, and notice those when I happen to catch a glimpse of my face in the mirror. Life is short, why be so negative about something as silly as your face?


Not just you bro don't worry I get the exact same thing. When I'm out and walk by a mirror or am in the washroom or anything I don't even look in it. I just keep my head down and focus on something else.


Are you obsessing about it (OCD)?

A million or more American men suffer from body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) (Phillips and Diaz, 1997; Phillips et al., 1993). Boys and men with BDD become obsessed that one or more parts of their bodies are ugly or deformed, even though they look perfectly normal. In a study of 95 men with BDD, we found that most were obsessed with their hair, skin and facial features, although any body part could be the focus of concern (Phillips and Diaz, 1997).

It is very commonly associated with Muscle dysmorphia, another subtype of body dysmorphic disorder, which in itself is a variant of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Sometimes called bigorexia, muscle dysmorphia is the opposite of anorexia nervosa. People with this disorder obsess about being small and undeveloped. They worry that they are too little and too frail. Even if they have good muscle mass, they believe their muscles are inadequate.

However, from what you describe I don't think you really obsess too much about it, i.e., it's not full-blown OCD. And if it's not, why worry about it?

Most people, for example, hate hearing their own recorded voice. That is a consequence our (as a species) almost unique (among animals) self-concisouness, and the fact that listening to our own voice triggers a feedback mechanism in our brains that is perceived as a feeling of unplesantness.


sure, honey....you just keep telling yourself that..:slight_smile:
women are shallow...just a little different brand.


Well I got your point chris. It seems though that some thought your skull would be purchased by Michael Jackson upon your death.
Did everyone really think he meant he's ugly?