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Pictures of my Training Crew's 'Home Gym' Set Up

Basically,the “gym” is at the storage area/storeroom of a community club.

The door to the “gym”-it is called the Behemoths’ Lair.


This is where I train.You can see a squat rack and a chin/dip station.

I have two tires-550lb and 600lb.

My equipment-one Olympic spin bar,over 600lb worth of plates,a 12’ log,2 sleds(single post and double posts),sandbags(several 45lb ones,one 90lb,one 135kg,one 175lb,one 225lb),two sets of farmer’s walk implements(bars and cylinders),a 8lb sledgehammer,an Atlas Stones trainer.


The park just outside the community club where we do outdoor events training.


I saw the phrase “training crew” and rolled my eyes initially thinking this was going to be some lame 14 year old kids thing.

I couldn’t have been more wrong! Fantastic little setup you guys have =]

I’m jealous. Nice training spot.

That is a nice training area.

One thing, if you do not want to train on the cement floor you could go to a tractor supply company store and purchase a couple of dairy cow floor mats. They are 1 inch thick rubber mats and weigh about 100lbs each. 1000lbs cows stand on them so they are made to be tough. I think the dimensions are around 4’ x 6’.

Again, nice location.

[quote]Kliplemet wrote:
that’s nice, but look at my gym



Did that used to be a pediatrician’s office?

lol kiplemet u just pwned his gym, both are better than mine though :frowning:

Here’s a video of where I train.