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Pictures of My Babies/Training Gear


Top left, my microweights. 3 chains, each weighing 1.25 pounds a piece. I can attach them to dumbbells and do raises and curls and stuff with say 21.25 lbs, 22.5, or 23.75

value = priceless, great for almost every exercise

Top right, my neck harness. Good for working the back of my neck.

value = definetly worth the money

Bottom left, my hammer of thor. Great for working my supinators. With the hammer, my forearm training is banging on all cylinders and they are starting to get swole. I will soon have Akuma sized meathooks.

value = absolutely worth the money


you cut the last box out, but I'm sure thats where your dildo was "great for working out the poop shoot, value= cocknificant"


I expect more from you.


Where's the naked pics?


You can't set the bar with Kerley callout and shirt tailoring threads then come in here and expect to be taken seriously.

But seriously, I would be afraid to use that hammer of thor for fear of ripping my dick off whilst fapping.


I personally just got a couple plastic easter baskets. I add or subtract that green fake grass stuff depending if I want to add .023 lbs or like say .1156 lbs. This has really helped me blast through some sticking points on my deadlifts and squats. Yesterday I pulled 300.1187 lbs a new personal best.



30 lb medicine ball (basketball filled with sand) on a string.
This helps me train to smash pumpkins after Halloween with a real sledge.


not your finest work Celtic but not bad... Hard to top the tailored clothes thread. you might have set the bar too high, even for yourself.



How do you get the sand inside the basketball?

I want to make one.


Thank god I had the same thought but I was afraid I was a retard. That looks like it would make an awesome conditioning workout when combined with a sledge.


Just fill your bicycle pump with sand and pump it in.


Cut a small hole/slit in it, funnel sand in there, then patch the hole back up with a bicycle tire patch, then tape the shit out of it with with some gorilla tape or duct tape. Instant medicine ball.



Here's how to make the medicine ball:

...and here's how to make a whole bunch of other crap:

I've also made sandbags and thick handled dumbbells with PVC pipe.


Get a sewing machine from Celtic and stitch it up.


I just tried that and my pump broke.

Please advise.


Thor is gonna be pissed when he realizes his hammer is missing


So, you use accomodating resistance for curls and delt raises?

I hope every serious lifter on the planet hunts you down and stomps you for bastardizing such a beautiful concept in such a horrible way.


Thank you.


Duh. I hope Celtics flames you; because that'll be hilarious. Maybe he'll even do an "audio flame"!


Celtics I'm going to need you to stick with the audio replies for maximum lulz, thanks.