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Pictures of Me

Tell me what you think. http://students.colstate.edu/floyd_robert1 .

Oh my god, I male cheerleader! How gay!

Sorry, bro, I just had to beat the whining, low self-esteem, internet bullies/pussies to the punch. Looking good. Man, now that’s what I call functional strength. You guys are athletes, hands down.

Boulder Shoulders! Looking good, buddy.

Massive and strong looking, could be more ripped though. But impressive, nevertheless.

You look good brother. You look more like a strong athlete and less like a musclehead, which is the look I prefer.

Now that I started pushing 230 lbs, we look almost as lost twin brothers. :slight_smile:

Looks good to me! grin

You’re a goon. + any other guy would be staring straight up the whole time. :slight_smile:

You look very strong, but I prefer men who have hair on their heads.

You look good. Wish I had your thickness.

Gimme a “G”! Gimme a “O”! Gimme a “L”…okay, having some fun.

You're a great, walking representative of the T-Man lifestyle!

Thanks for all the comments. I know i could be leaner. I had some other pics that showed my current level of fatness. Im just getting back to lifting. Cheerleading has left me with multiple injuries that i have just now gotten over. I just started pressing two weeks ago. It had been about two months since i had lifted heavy. And I will be resuming squating soon. Ill try to keep that page updated. Im also going to do some meltdown training after this training cycle so i can lose some bodyfat.

Thanks so much for the very kind words!

Is it just me, or is Goldberg sporting a semi-chub in the side shot? LOL. Seriously, you look good. Nice work.

I’d do you on the spot, if I was gay or a female that is.

I know im fat. Its funny but people on here say im fat. But regular people say im lean. Its ok. I look at myself in the mirror and say fat ass. As soon as i get my strength levels back up im gonna lose some bodyfat. Ill probably lose some anyway because I was very inactive during january and february. Ill do a meltdown workout for a few weeks with a strict diet and some androsol and then take some pics after that and repost them.

Goldberg, I hope you didn’t think that I was calling you fat…”semi chub”=partial erection. :slight_smile:

Its hard to keep the hog leg under wraps when so many fine 100 lb girls are walking around.

LMAO at Hog Leg! Goldberg, as you and others noted, little smooth, but definitely a mofo not to be messed with. Keep it up bro.

100lb girls?! Oh my! WHAT would the fine people of NAAFA think? he he he