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Picture post

Hey tmen and twomen! in the spirit of the recent atomic dog, i’ve posted some of my pics on a website for all to view. The website is www.photoisland.com. enter “professor” where it says “member/guest login” then use “body” as a password. That’ll get you to my welcome page. to see more pics, click on “bodyshots” underneath the heading “album list”…then click on the photos for a larger view or run the slideshow. just helping to prove that we aren’t all 6’2" and 220 ripped…:wink:

Damn, holmes, nice shots. Care to post your training routine?

“MB Eric: Wanted for assault and consumption of random lean protein sources since 1985.”


You look awesome. I like “bulkier” figure, but this is simply great. Anyway, what are your stats; height, weight and approximate bf%. Way to go. This is a real inspiration for me.

yeah, dude, great build.

thanks for the comments, bros! My stats aren’t all that impressive…5’10", in those shots i only weighed about 175 with 6-6.5% bf (measured by calipers). Right now, I’m about 6 pounds heavier and growing…creatine is working wonders. MB Eric - i’ll post my routine soon, but for now, keep chowin on “girlfriend - the other white meat!!!” LOL.

Outstanding, Cam! I’ve said it before; a person is a TRUE T-Man/Vixen in my book who post their pics (This is a TOUGH crowd!). I will eventially post some pics, but The Lion is still a “work in progress!” (I’m looking forward to your routine also). Keep up the great work, Cam!(Want to put some money on it that some gym “fat guy” is 'gonna critisize the fact that you aren’t 250 and 'roided out?)

Check your e-mail, Cam. I’d like to use your pic in Reader Mail this week.

The account seems to have been accessed too many times, so I can’t see the pictures :frowning:

Maybe you should post them at a more convenient place?

Your honesty about your stats is admirable and refreshing. Its getting just a little ridiculous reading about 17 year old kids who allegedly bench 465 at 230 lbs and 6% body fat.

Seriously, you look great and have my respect.

Gotta be impressed, do you compete? If so how have you got on? Makes me kinda jealous and motivated. Keep up the hard work.

thanks to my fellow t-men for all the great compliments…this is what makes this website so good - all of the positive comments and helpful advice. heck, i’m just an average guy who works out with weights and does a few things right, and to have hard training fellas like yourselves comment positively is one of the greatest motivators around. thanks.

NS: I’m glad to see I’m not the ONLY one who thinks that some of these posted stats can get to be pretty ridiculous…

Awesome Pics. About the recent posting of pics, I thought what TC and Tim did was awesome. Its gives us perspective on what can be achieved. I mean I know people who look at my roided out friend and think he’s natural and that gets me peeved b/c it makes all the natural guys look like they don’t train hard. hey nothing against what he does but lets be honest no natural guy would look like that and I’m amazed how many people are so clueless. If anyone from T-mag reads this or the moderator see’s this how about posting pics of the former pudgy boys. Its great to see pics of really lean guys but if I were to guess, Tim, TC and Cam were all naturally thin to begin with, genetics right? I’m not trying to take anything away, i don’t mean this as an insult by any means but I would also like to see what the pudgy guys have accomplished, being pudgy myself. Okay i should just say fat I know. Was it Chris Shugart or John Berardi who admittined to being fat as a kid? Why not post all of your pics, the T-mag staff I’m sure is not embarrased and I think it helps give us a realization of what we can achieve. Just an idea.


Dave- I’ve been debating this for a while. I’ve always said that what really matters is where you started (your “before” pic.) That way people can see the dramatic changes brought on my diet, training, supps, etc.

My “before and afters” are a constant work in progress. Before #1- I was really fat in college and towards the end of high school. 230 pounds at 5’11", wasn’t training at the time so it was all lard, too. Halfway through college I got sick of it and lost over 60 pounds. I did it the wrong way though (starvation plus cardio- no T-mag back then to set me straight) and ended up at 159 pounds, not fat, but not looking good either. People thought I was sick.

So that’s when I hit the weights (early 90’s) and haven’t stopped since. I’m currently at around 207. Dropping the 7 pounds will get me in beach shape. (I’d done this at the beginning of summer, but decided to go on one more “bulk-up” before leaning out for the rest of summer.) Ideal for me would 215 to 220 in six-pack condition.

Most of the T-mag staff has a similiar story- some were fat, some were bone skinny, but all have made dramatic changes. Read my “Been there, done that” Guest Atomic Dog for all their stories.

Cam…dayum! bro, lookin’ hella good, my man. You should definitely be proud and confident in your hard work in this sport. Thanks for sharing the pics. Seems like a good mode of displaying ourselves…I’d like to do something similar when I get some new ones of myself:-)

Chris Shugart…that sounds like my story…i was 230 at 5’11’’ mostly fat at the begining of college. Fortunatly i was lucky enough to slim down while hitting the weights so i preserved a good deal of muscle, but i could of preserved alot more if i would of known of t-mag at the time… I went down from about 230 to roughtly 170…i’m about 180 now, two years later. I consider myself a work in progress and my befor pics make me sick when i look at them, and i would love to post my pics here, but i decided to bulk through summer…i will though when i diet down.

cam birtwell - GREAT, your a true t-man, lookin trim and got the balls to prove your a man! keep shooting for your goals…

Chris, I did read that article when it came out and thats why I’d like to see all the pics. why not put up that whole series you just mentioned? I mean I doubt many people here are gonna talk shit and even if the did, whatever, let them post pics. I have a similar story, was a chunky butt lost weight competed, became a blubber boy (unfortunate circumstances but lets not whine) again and am back on the road to T-mandom. So seeing stuff like that helps with motivation and then not that any other guys aren’t qualified but I may take heed to advice from someone like you more b/c you’ve “been there and done that”. Its not about judging the t-man staff, its about what can I do if i train and eat like the most knowledgeable. hey whatever you guys feel like doing just an opinion. I just wanna say this will be the last request I don’t wanna come off gay or anything.


The pics are working for me now.

Looking very good indeed - you should be proud!!!

Chris - your story slightly mirrors mine. I went from rather fat to sickly skinny (eg. the "are you okay?" type comments) to muscular skinny (mid-2000) to the bigger but fatter muscular me of today. Once I get rid of this bulk-acquired flab (before I read T-Mag and discovered how to bulk properly!) I'll be in tip-top condition - a similar look to what Cam is sporting actually.

Again, keep up the good work T-Men!

We’ll see, Dave. I’ll look around for my old fat pics, if I haven’t burned them all!

Timbo, post pics of you with your liver. Take care, bro.

“MB Eric: Your window to whoopass since 1436.”