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Pics: W. Silva Strong Man Training



I can't wait to see avideo of his next fight.... think he can beat liddel on a good day?


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If you go by "logic" which doesn't play very well into the fight game.

Rampage beat Liddell

and Silva ruined Rampages shit like two or three times.

I'd say that Silva could be Liddell on a BAD day hahaha. Silva is not to be fucked with. It takes a lot to get the nick name Axe Murder in a sport with no weapons other than yourself.

Otherwise I'd say that they match up fairly well because they both have an almost unorthodox fighting style and people used to say that Silva had a suspect chin (which is a dumb assumption) and if anybody can find the button it's probably Chuck.

I still think Chuck would get his shit ruined. But they would match up pretty well.

Though again, they said that Sakuraba would be a great matchup for Silva (though he is a BJJ black belt I believe...he is primarily a standup fighter(KNEES!!)). But goddamn he would run through Sak like he fought in KOTC or something.

A good matchup for Silva would be someone from his own camp like Shogun.


I would def put my money on Silva esp. if it were in PRIDE. Silva's stomps are hard to watch sometimes...


Is v. belfort still fighting? what about a belfort vs silva? They've fought before but Silva is a lot better at his game these days.


Chuck has better wrestling, he was a Div I starter. That cannot be overlooked and is what has made him a champ.

I would say they are equal standing, with a slight edge with Wands forward pressure.

Wand has a great chin, he take a shot and recovers to fight on, that is what a great chin is...


Belfort just scored a KO victory over Antony Rea last week in a Cage Rage event.

I believe he still has a fight or two remaining in his PRIDE contract so a rematch with Wandy is still a possibility. A lot of fight fans would kill to see that.


i heard he was getting too old to fight? doesn't look it


are you serious? chuck is a great wrestler with great takedown defense but that isn't what made him great. what made him great is that he's been tagging motherfuckers for years. early in his career he tried to take people down but then he just started knocking people out. wrestling skills would make no difference in this fight though because it wouldn't go anywhere near the ground. i would have to go with chuck. great takedown defense, great chin, and sooner or later he would tag silva.


Uhh, he's 28 years old. Silva's 29. As a reference point, Randy's 40 years old. I don't think he's over the hill quite yet, late 20s is pretty much peak fighting age.


Please reference silva's fights with Rampage to see what would happen.


Beat Liddel? E-a-s-y.


There are simple differences between the two. Chuck goes to fight. Silva goes to war. Chuck wants to knock someone out. Silva wants to permanently disfigure someone.

Silva isn't indestructible. If Chuck can tag him (which he does quite well)and then keep on him, he has a good chance of taking the fight. If he doesn't do this, well, poor Chucky.


hey it's kirk.
not to hijack your thread,but thats what i'm doing.

you mentioned the kickboxing forum on the ug.i've been looking for you and it but can't find it.

silva and chuck?thats a tough one.i think you have to give vandy an edge on their feet.he seems the stronger of the 2 and a lil more diverse/derranged.i haven't seen enough of either of them on the ground to give an opinion.

are you enjoying your exile?

how was new york?


kirik, there's some footage on sherdog in one of the highlight reels with silva training on the ground... of course everyone looks good in training :-p

...completely random, but you talk to Adam (Szychowski) lately ? He ever get to fight yet? I know he's at UConn now...


I post as Ryukyu Damashi on mma.tv

Yeah still enjoying being away from the AX. I went back once to see what was being discussed and it was still Brian pushing Muay Thai is Kickboxing crap. What a bore...

Anyways, had a blast in NYC. The kid lost his fight, but put in a great showing. He fought a kid with a lot more ring experience than him, but still took it to him.

Chuteboxe is coming here again for a seminar in Jan. Ninja, Shogun, and some other guy teach it.


sorry for the mix up.i'm kirk not kirik.lol.
i see he's name sometimes and think it's some one addressing me also.


glad to hear it.

is there an actual kickboxing message board on the ug,or do you just post on the ug?


IMO, it all tepends on where they fight. If in the UFC, I give Chuck the advantage. If in Pride, I give Silva the advantage. I dont like the whole "x beat y and y beat z, therefor x will beat z" thing. For instance, Randleman beat the shit out of Cro cop and Liddel knocked out Randleman. Do I think Liddel has a chance against Cro cop? sure.

However, I sure as hell dont think it would be a walk in the park. There are just too many variables in fighting...and the difference between a cage and a ring is one huge variable.