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Pics of Your Car


all the t-members out there post pics of any nice cars you have wether they be hot rods, muscle cars, exotic cars, tuners you get the idea


My college graduation gift to myself.


The commuter.


lol i just noticed my girls mini is in the background of both. she just traded it in for a red one yesterday too


Damn B Rock, you must be doing pretty well for yourself to have 2 nice cars there!

Both nice looking cars man


Doode, I thought you got rid of the Z. Am I wrong did you get another one?


My car

Should be buying the wife a new Mazda 3 soon.


neelydan's t-jeep


My Duramax


Yeah I did get rid of the Z. One of the saddest days of my life.

I still look at the pics (too) often.

With my girl getting a new car now, it got "the wheel" turning again.

Next year at this time, we'll be hitched and I plan to pick up an AWD car for myself instead of driving this 'toy' around.

....S4 or Evo.

Crew: nice whip man...what type of Benz is it?


My bad. Didn't mean to call you out but I thought you may have gotten another one.

Benz looks like a SL(R) model but CP knows better


Thanks man, she's a SLK 280


My camaro (first car I ever owned) and my ninja... I am buying a 4door wrangler unlimited sometime in the next two months.... Hoping to find one used in either yellow or rescue green.



Damn man, I know you're an accountant (like me) and roughly the same age as me (24), but what the hell do you do (public accounting?) and how much do you make?


This is my 2009 Malibu LTZ V6, pretty cool car IMO but I miss my 2002 Avalanche I traded in. $5 a gallon gas forced me to trade but I regret it every day.


I'm actually a financial analyst for an international company.

I had gotten my minor in accounting (tax) but I rarely use it.

Haha I don't make anything special as far as money is concerned, I just happened to get a really good deal on it. I bought it in the winter months up in Detroit and received the Daimler discount on it.


Speaking of cars, I found this funny.


x2 on the 350z


How do you like your jeep? reliable? I am thinking of getting the 4-door and would love any input you have...


Niiice mac!

looks like you have the brembos too....aren't they great?

i was doing about 95 up a hill when my radar went off, 2 seconds later a cop crested the hill and i was down to 55.

still got a ticket for 55 in a 35....but better then 95/35 lol.

Z's are a bitch to autocross too i found out. especially when you have only owned it for 2mo and don't "know" the car yet.