Pics of Step Downs and King DLs?

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Mike’s single leg supplements article


Pain Rating: ****

Stand with both feet on a bench like you’ve just completed a step-up. Take one leg and let it hover behind you off the bench and shift your weight to the heel of your planted leg. From here, sit back as far as possible and lower under control until your free leg lightly touches the ground. Squeeze the glutes and drive the heel through the bench to return to the starting position. Once you get these down, feel free to hold a plate in front of your chest to increase the loading.

King Deadlifts

Pain Rating: ***

Muscles Used: Adductors, hamstrings, gluteals

King deadlifts (named after the Australian strength coach and T-Nation contributor Ian King) are very similar to the step-down discussed before. The primary difference here is that King deadlifts are performed on the ground, while step-downs are performed standing on a bench.

In the King deadlift you’ll have the free leg bent at the knee. Put the weight on the heel and sit back as far as possible; don’t worry about having a ton of trunk lean because this will increase the recruitment of the gluteals. Sit back until your free leg’s knee and shin are almost touching the ground and then return to the starting position.