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Pics of New System Test Subject Sebastien


Here are some pics of Sebastien who has been a test subject for our new training/para-workout nutrition system.


Somebody is bound to ask; " Yeah, but does he have a back?"


Thib, is that the same client you had from back in the day named sebastien? because if it is wow he made some progress haha


Some before shots would be nice. Or a link to what crod mentioned.


sick nasty lats from the front. excellent work!

I'll echo the request for some before pics though


Yest it is. He competed at 176lbs and he is 210 in those pics. But he did stop working with me for 4 years, when I "picked him up" again he was 215 and faaaaaaaaat


Coach Thibaudeau, I have a few questions on this new program. I understand the desire of Biotest for secrecy on this superprogram so I will try to keep it general. I am just trying to figure out if I should be excited about this superprogram or not.

  1. Have you put in a planned progression? (other than just adding weight)
  2. Is the set/rep scheme set in stone or is it part of the progression plan?
  3. Is this a program mainly for bodybuilders or is it also useful for athletes?
  4. Does it have a constituent nutrition plan or can I keep my own?
  5. Do the workouts last 2-3 hours 5 days per week or is it more "user friendly" for those who work 60-70 hours per week?
  6. Is there any new methods in this program, or have you guys dug up some mostly forgotten methods that work great but are mostly forgotten today.
  7. Does it require $500-600 per month in supplements?


Thib, do you work with him directly or is it a long distance trainer/client thing? P.S. Whatever you have him doing for calves; please do share:)


Can you release this program like soon! Stop teasing me Thibs!

Everyday I log on to T-Nation and read the front page for a new article, like a child on Christmas waiting to open his red fire truck to only find out it's a 1979 VW.


1-2 weeks now


Yes, one of its basic principle is micro autoregulation of the training load.

There is not ONE rep scheme, but several as well a different loading methods.

Although designed for bodybuilders, athletes can benefit from it because the main focus is the nervous system and the recruitment of high threshold motor units.

But we will also release an athletic version of the system.

You can keep your own although some general guidelines to maximize the effect of the program will be given.

Actually the workouts rarely lasts more than 45 minutes. One of our test subjects is a father of one, works construction 50 hours a week and manage his own real estate business.

There are new methods, but it`s mostly about how to maximize the effect of each method by using proper sequencing.


When will you guys be releasing this? Will it be free or what?


Yes it will.


Sounds like perfect timing. I just finished my strength routine, and I'm in a 2 week recovery phase of light push/pull 4xweek work. Sounds like a perfect time to hop on the new bandwagon and give this a shot.


Any before pics?


That guy's DaFreak right ?

His chest improved a lot since the last pics we saw here.


I don't know if you're getting irritated with these questions about the superprogram or not, so feel free to ignore me if you like, but is the program gonna be doable for people who workout at home and with free weights (only barbells, dumbbells and squat rack), or will more equipment be required to do it?


didn't Sebastien compete recently?

how did he do?


Technically if you have free weights (plenty of 'em though), a bench and a power rack with adjustable safety pins you should be able to do something like 90% of the program. If you have a chin-up bar and dips station you'll be close to 100%


Good to know that it will be free, and the super program only takes 45minutes!!

I agree, this is like xmas all over again, none of us can wait any longer.