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Pics of High/Low Bicep Insertions?


Could anyone please show me a picture of "low" or "high" bicep insertions. I have no idea wtf it means.


Look up Albert Beckles.

That is an example of a "high biceps insertion".

It simply refers to there being more of a gap between the bend of the elbow and the biceps when flexed.


And for low look up Sergio Oliva.


Do you guys think, that hypothetically, someone with high biceps insersions cannot build biceps as big as someone with low insersions? I am talking maximum genetic limit here.

Just curious.


Actually, most believe that a high biceps insertion would lead to a larger peak when extremely developed. It obviously didn't hurt Albert Beckles while those like Kevin Levrone, in spite of huge biceps, never had much of a peak because he had a much lower insertion point.


Dickbag and 1morerep have high insertions and impressive peaks on this site, and at the professional level, most bbers with high insertions have always had good peaks, but I have seen many many amateurs with high insertions and NO peak, as well as lifters on this site who DO NO avoid direct arm work. There are low attachments with no peak! Check out "mr shoulders" on this site.
I think Dante Trudell is a good example of someone with a low attachment and NO peak whatsoever, but I could be wrong.


Here's some pics for reference:

Albert Beckles= high


Dorian Yates= high


Sergio Oliva=low


Larry Scott=low




I definitely have a low insertion, quite low.


lol I think i have the highest insertion point you can have hahah


which one is more genetically common? higher insertion points, or lower. it probably varies though...


sergio looks like a goon


Wow, how big is he in that picture? I don't think even a rhino would dare charge at him.

Edit: And that Albert guy has an insane insertion, his bicep almost bends back towards his shoulder before going into his arm.


Having a high insertion point will make your arms look small when wearing a short sleve shirt. My friend has low insertion points and thinks he is top shit because his biceps stick out his sleves.


people with high biceps really benefit from reverse curls


If you have high biceps, doesn't that mean that the muscle ends a longer bit from the elbow? If so, reverse curls obviously wouldn't help, so are there other bicep muscles that it targets better?


Reverse curls hit the brachioradialis, forearms (not important in this example) and brachialis harder than regular curls. Since the brachialis is situated low on the upper arm (sort of), right in that gap between a high bicep and the elbow, they can add some size there. I think that's what he meant, at least. Hammer-grip curls (hammers and pinwheels) target the brachialis even better in my case.

There is no way of making a high bicep longer or anything though, if that's what anyone here thought would happen.