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Pics of Girls Doing Squats


I know I saw a great pic on the forums a while back of a girl doing squats, and I wanted to send it to a (hot:)) female friend of mine who is interested in having me teach her how to do them. Just as motivation and because, well, she likes chicks. :slightly_smiling:

For the life of me I can't find it, but if any of you could find any pictures of hot (not massive bodybuilder) girls doing squats, it would be greatly appreciated. I've been having a really tough time searching the net for some.



Cant help you out, Google is messed up all i am getting is pics like these.


IMO this is pretty nice :slight_smile:


Agreed. I was going to post that one as well.



Thanks, that's the one I had in mind. I'm wondering if it might scare her off a little, though, thinking that maybe that girl is a little too big and/or squatting too heavy. She's a newbie to this, so I need to be visually gentle with her. Maybe I'll send her that one . . . not sure yet.

Anyone got any others of hot girls squatting?

Thanks in advance!



Yes, that pic is very, very nice.


I'm referring to the first pic in the thread, not the second, just to clarify.


Anyone else have this little fantasy run through thier head after viewing this pic... " Ok kim, nice set, it's time for box squats now" as I position a low bench and myself directly under her at full attention. "Ok, remember light weight high hard reps kim"

Ok so I need a life, go to hell all of you.




Good, good . . . although I was hoping we could stick to the free bar variety . . .


Fucking pedophile!



Nikki Warner is very hot.


Try this one. Just don't mention that it was done in a Smith Machine.


This one is pretty hot!



Are you sure that's Nikki Warner? I got this pic off T-Nation from some other thread & the pic name was Pauline Nordin or something like that...


Isn't that Pauline?




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