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pics of exercises

I’m a newbie and I have read some articles about different exercises I can incoroporate to my routine. The problem is that sometimes I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about( good mornings?, and such. Is there a web-site that I could go to that would give me a visual aid or describe exactly what the exercises I’ve never heard of are?

Try searching T-mag. There are plenty of pics, just spread out.


Try Alessi’s site. Don’t have the URL handy, sorry.

For the love of all that is good and your own physical safety, don’t use the examples on Allessi’s site. They show improper technique on most of the videos. Exrx is not ok.

Check out www.integratedsportsolutions.com/ exdex/pictorial_art.html
This is Charles Staley’s site…

If I’m loooking for any pics or descriptions I usually try a search on good 'ol T-Mag

Stronski what is wrong with the videos on ExRx (Exercise Prescription) on the net.

Erx is NOT okay?Just wondering if you meant to put the not in or not.Anyone know a good one that is okay? Searching T-Mag for pics of exercises would be pretty time consuming for a beginner.

My bad! ExRx is okay.

Dr. Squat’s website has a link that shows various exercises and where they work.