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Pics: New Supplement Stash


This is what my friend acquired in just ONE day at the recent ISSN conference.

He's a marathoner but we're going to get him HUGE with all of this stuff! LOL


Then he should include a pic with a bunch of steaks and ground beef on his bed...even though I don't think that would be as neat and pretty.


is he demonstrating the new age techinique of "becoming one with the supps"? you know, because eating to "become one with" is so yesterday.


wow, reminds me of my childhood after halloween. I was an organization freak. But I didn't meditate afterwords.


I'll trade you two brownie protein bars for your fruit punch post-workout drink. Or maybe you prefer peanut-butter and chocolate.... :wink:




Lol. If he is going to get huge, I hope that he is going to eat all of that every 12 hours.


He is huge. It's called functional muscle. Maybe you guys would learn a bit if you actually had functional muscle instead of just stupid bulk.

[b]Just kidding.[b]

But I had you there for a second.


a bed full of snake oil...sweet



That is too sweet





That is nothing, I had at least twice as much stuff from the Arnold this year. The same phospagen packets and amino vital stuff as your friend there.

My bag at the end of the day weighed about thirty pounds and it has helped me gain exactly zero muscle.


Wow! Do you know the street value of that stuff? I think I could pay half a yrs mortgage by selling that stuff at my local 24fATNESS.



So where are the Grow! bars?


This really was just like Halloween. We ended up trading by the end of the conference; he got all of the "endurance" based stuff, and I got the supps with the higher protein content.

Fortunately, it's mostly Calories, not "super anabolic factors" or anything. LOL



What and where was this magical conference of goodie give-away sample trial free gifts?


If that's Accelerade on the far right, then that's a decent product.
If it's Endurox, stick with your Surge for post-workout.


endurox works awesome. i used to add it to my epsom salt baths.