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Pics From '08 Oklahoma Contest

I tried posting a while back and got ripped for not giving enough info. Hopefully this post goes over a lot smoother. Pics are from the 08 Oklahoma where I placed 1st in the Open LHvywt class.

Dieted down from 250 and weighed in at 198. I was 204 the morning of the show. Just looking for feedback whether it be positive or negative. If there are any more questions just ask.

Here is an overhead ab and thigh 2 days before getting on stage.

Looking sick man. Real nice aesthetically pleasing physique.

Age, height, next show, diet, training etc…?

Age: 28
Height: 5’ 11 1/2"
Next show: Not sure, my wife wants to compete in figure next year so we’ll prob focus on her.
Diet/training: Miserable

WTF is this???

Since when do people with actual physiques post here??

J/K man. Very good job. Hamstrings are a standout for sure.

If you asked me to nitpick I’d say the thighs could use a little more mass maybe calves too, but that’s about it. I assume you are going to continue to add mass so it’s somewhat pointless for me to bring it up.

Any pics of a lat spread?

This front relaxed is all could find. Just know that front and back lat spread need a lot of work. Agreed on the thighs and calves but I was cursed with chx calves. I didn’t really start squating until last year so hopefully quads will continue to grow now that there a staple in my routine.

Looking good! I think the calves need a tad more work, but you done fucking well.

Great work. What are your lifts?

I can faintly see slimthugger in the distance…he will be here soon.

Good job…a 10! what ‘supplements’ did you use? do tell.

Bench: 315 x 10
Squat: 495 x 8
Rack Pull: 685 x 6

I havent beched or squated real heavy in awhile but i rack pull as heavy as possible every week.

Contest sups were isopure, venom, bcaa’s, 32x multi, and expel at the end. I think that was it.

Awesome work

[quote]slimthugger wrote:
Good job…a 10! what ‘supplements’ did you use? do tell.[/quote]

What are the quotations marks supposed to mean?

[quote]Bloobird wrote:
slimthugger wrote:
Good job…a 10! what ‘supplements’ did you use? do tell.

What are the quotations marks supposed to mean?[/quote]

He’s trying to ask if he ever took anything illegal. And who cares on this site anyway?

FINALLY! I’m glad someone with a real physique posted a thread. Awesome physique man, keep up the good work.

Oh and TLC, out of curiosity how long have you been lifting?

Could you elaborate on the “Diet/training: miserable”? Seems like you’ve been doing something right



Nice work. How long did you diet for to get down 52 pounds?

Hey i’m curious to see how you looked at 250 any pre diet pics? Awesome phsyqiue TLC