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Pics and GIFs Not Showing


Has anyone heard anything about this problem? There has been no response in the Tech Support forum.



Yeah, first I saw them when I clicked on them, now, that wont work either.


Conspiracy made up by the Illuminati mods and their new world order.

I'm sure it'll be fixed soon, though I am missing those fail gifs...


I can't see avis when I'm signed in, only when not.


It's very intermittent for me.

The end is nigh...


get your gold and silver ready. I hear Ameros will be the next form of currency. Please mods save us from this calamity.


I kinda like it. I could really use a break from all the stupid fucking LOLcats and the same 50 regurgitated memes being used in lieu of original thought.


I'm going to create a sloth gif/photoshop-onto-celebrity-bodies revolution, just for you.


I'm gonna miss the fat dancing people that Derek is famous for~







But this makes it wose for someone nosey like me...y'see I click and then wait 5 seconds for the fucking thing to appear and then I say "Oh fuck I waited 5 seconds for THIS?!?"




I'm guilty of the same thing.





It worked!


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