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PICP Level 1 and 2?


Hey CT,
What’s your take on PICP level 1 and 2 for poliquin courses? Or have anyone done it before?

I’m just thinking does it cover like very basic stuff like tempos/rest period / exercises selection??

Anyone have any ideas on this?

(Sorry i know this is out of the topic from this forum. Still considering whether to fly over and take up this course)


FYI Poliquin sold his company and now does strength sensei.


Exactly. Everybody that I personally thrust left the Poliquin Group. Charles is not associated with it, neither are my friends Stephane Cazeault and Alexandra Bernardin


Oh god! Man i was still having high hopes for that courses.

But still i think the principles they teach are still pretty sound and good info? Or not anymore? Maybe they change the course structure?

Just don’t want to pay for it and realised it’s not worth the investment.


Honestly I don’t know… they likely stayed with the same format. which was good but pretty basic