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Picky Eater In Need of Meals

Alright, I’m a picky eater. So I have been surfing the net for some recipes. I about to start training for my bulk cycle and need to eat a very high protein meals. Anyone know of good web sites with excellent meal plans?

Check out this thread here:
Recipes With Photos:

I will be adding more recipes there everyday. If you have any specific things you’re looking to cook just post your questions there and I will try to get to them as soon as I can.


Just suck it up and stop being a picky eater. Honestly it’s not that hard. I used to be like that, but then I got sick of it. I hated cottage cheese, I would gag just getting it down. So I started pounding down a carton at a time of it, day after day and I eventually started to like it. I did this with many other foods as well. Now there is honestly not one single food on the face of the earth that I will not eat. Just a thought though. Unless you are allergic to something, I think picky eaters are pussies.

Whole milk is an awesome source of protein and calories. Half a gallon a day should be sufficient.

HAHA…ok, I love my dairy products I’m sure that I will get plenty of those. I just worried about getting burnt out on eating the same foods all the time. I love red meat and chicken…I hate sea food. I just dont know how to put these foods into meals and keep it mixed up. thanks for your comments they are appreciated