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Picky Eater: Eggs...


Growing up I have always been a VERY picky eater, and although the problem has gotten better; I still cannot stand the texture of eggs. Just trying to force them down makes me gag nonstop. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on how to make eggs more palatable or how to get over being picky because oatmeal mixed with Grow! every day for breakfast is getting kind of boring.


Well, it's hard for me to relate because I absolutely LOVE eggs, but the only suggestions I can think of are:

1) Scramble lots of other stuff in there with them. If you put in enough shredded cheese, spinach, chopped up canadian bacon, whatever, then maybe the eggs won't even stand out as much to you

2) You could always get the health benefits of eggs by just blending them raw into a shake/smoothie in the morning. I know Thib does this a lot currently


Simple, don't be so picky.

Ok, real solutions: learn to cook eggs properly, if you aren't cooking them right. Mix them with vegtables such as cooked onions, spinich, mushrooms, cheese, ham, etc.

Do whatever you have to, shut your eyes, swollow without chewing, plug your nose, etc. Just get them down and after some time, you won't mind them as much.


Doesn't eating eggs raw cause the body to break them down improperly or not as efficiently or something along those lines causing the body to not absorb as much protein? or is that just a myth?


What about egg whites? I never really liked the texture of eggs either, but I love my morning omelet.

Try this; cook two cups of egg whites and then add a cup of spinach and a slice of American cheese.


There's some debate on that issue. It has been said that cooked eggs are better absorbed/digested, as well as the possibility that the delicate egg protein can somehow be "damaged" by something as violent as blending it in a smoothie.

I've never done any research on the matter, so I'm not really sure how much of a difference it makes. There's some people on both sides of the fence.


Is the texture of egg whites that much different from regular eggs?

Regardless, I'll give your recipe a try tomarrow morning. Thanks!


If I don't like how the omelet tastes tomarrow; I'll start tossing some eggs into a protein shake for breakfast.



Egg whites do have a different texture, they're very smooth. The other thing you could try: ketchup that doesn't have HFCS. I smother my eggs with ketchup a lot of times.


I read in a magazine, that anyone who puts ketchup on their eggs, or uses it at the breakfast table should be cut off immeadiately. This magazine, no joke, said immeadiately dump someone who puts ketchup on eggs.


Haha, I guess it's a good thing I never ate breakfast with any of my old girlfriends. I know people thought it was really weird when they saw me do it in public, I guess it was just the way I was raised and how I tolerated eggs as a little kid.


I know it's been said but ketchup is the solution for me. Acutally before bed I always have 3 whole eggs and two pieces of toast. Yes a protein, carb and fat meal. Without ketchup I would literally vommit. However adding stuff like bacon would be great, but it also means extra prep time, which I like to keep to a minimum especially before bed. But man that bacon is sounding good...


You could try throwing some Bacon Bits on there. I tried that the other night, it was actually really good, the crunchiness was a great contrast to the texture of eggs, and throwing some Bacos on your eggs requires no prep time at all.

Or, just get some pre-cooked Canadian Bacon, chop it up and throw it in. Also very good, and again very minimal prep-time.


Then that's what I'll do, as it is indeed still mass time for me and the extra caloris are more that welcomed. Good suggestion!


Egg protein is better absorbed if it's cooked.