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Pickled Food


Anyone pickle their food? Eggs, pig's feet, ham, &c? I just ask because I finished my first batch of pickled eggs and wondered anyone enjoys persevering their food and if any of you have some good receipts?

Food pictures later.


pickled anything is disgusting, including 90% of pickles.


You should try my pickled eggs, 100% delicious.


Pickled gherkins are my favourite, growing up on a Polish diet.


Pics plz.


Not a big fan of pickles from the Western kitchen (IDK are olives considered pickled? because I like them). In any case Indian pickles are usually raw fruits pickled with chilli, spices etc and taste quite good, but it is an acquired taste and not something everyone can agree upon. I don't mind pickled gherkins but don't really eat that unless it's in a sandwich/burger etc.


Mmmmm sauerkraut. Kimchi is pretty good too.


How did I forget Kimchi!? Good for health too. Something about the cellulose trapping the nutrients or something. My Korean client told me this once in Korea.


I love pickled turnips, but I just buy them.

Just ask your local A-rab for a recipe


I plant a big vegetable garden in the spring and end up pickling a lot of food. This year I made pickled green beans, carrots, zuchini, cucumber spears, saurkraut and jalapenos.

The green beans were out of this world good, the saurkraut was good but not seasoned quite right. The jalapenos are freaking amazing and have become a staple in my cooking, somehow the pickles are WAY hotter than the original peppers. I make a tomatillo salsa with pickled peppers that is mind blowing.

All of these are traditional kosher salt lacto pickles. I've read a lot about the supposed health benefits of pickled foods, and I do tend to eat them more if I'm sick or taking anti biotics or something but I haven't come across any claims from non hippy dippy weirdo sources so take it with a grain of salt (hah).


Oh, I also made a jar of pickled radishes. They may have been my favorite of all but my wife dropped my single gallon jar leaving me with no pickles and a very radishy smelling kitchen.


pickled eggs actually sound pretty good