Picking Up Women

This one is directed towards the T-Ladies but others are more than welcome to reply. What’s everyones advice on where and how to meet women. Share personal experience if you want. I’m out of college so that doesn’t apply and I am an engineer so the work place is not a wealth-o-babes. Thanks.

1st off it depends what you are looking for. if your are looking to hook up go to frat parties clubs etc…add alcohol to the mix b/c it always there and u will have all the drunken girls you could ever want. if u r looking for friends just go to that thing called CLASS…meeting people was the only reason i went to class last yr. Your not likely to become best friends with the girls u take home from the frat party but u will gain a friend or maybe more (if u r lucky) with the girl u tutored in calc-just my opinion-i’m sure nate dogg has some more tricks for us

I totally fucked up i thought you were in college-just go to clubs with like singles and stuff

Gun clubs. You’re welcome.

Gun Clubs??? Sounds a little freaky.

Bro, I feel your pain. I am in a similar situation. I graduated from UF two years ago. And I work with many older and/or married people. So there is not a wealth of babes (at least, not many single ones) where I work. I could always have an affair with a married woman, but I’d rather not get into that.

This is what I’ve done to meet women, and I can’t say I’ve met too many recently, but in the past two years, this has worked at various times. Number 1: Your best bet is to meet women through your friends! This is the number one source for hooking up. Number 2: Become involved in some kind of organization or club that allows you to meet people of the same age group with similar interests. This has worked for me a number of times. Number 3: Don’t ever expect to hook up when going to a bar or club. If you do your own thing, have fun, smile, hang out with friends, you will most likely have someone find their way to you. Number 4: This one depends on your type of work. But I’m involved with an organization that works with UF public relations students. Because of this, I make contacts and friends just from working with the students. Number 5: You could always just start a conversation with a complete stranger in a variety of places (pool, grocery store, gym, book store, coffee shop, etc). I have met people this way in the past.

So there you go. A few suggestions that may work well for you. I've used them with success. Although, I can't say that many of the people have turned into love interests. Some have just been friends or aquaintances. But it does help you meet people. And if you meet one woman, there is a good chance she will have friends. And that brings you back to rule Number 1.

What’s wrong with freaky? I happen to get real turned on when a woman knows the difference between a .45 ACP and a .45 Colt. Ohh, I just got the shivers…

Try ballroom dancing classes. I signed up for a swing class (because I’d like to learn how, not for women), and there are approximately as many men as women. However, several of the ladies there are also taking ballroom, and they were commenting how men never sign up for it… the one class has 20 women and 3 men.

Just wear your Testosterone shirt around to public places. Its good for starting conversation.

AMEN! I do swing with my girlfriend. It’s sooo cool. That’s a GREAT way to meet some really nice females.

Club dem on de head, drag back to da cave! Um good!

Well, I am a T-vixen and I could ask the same question in reverse. I can never meet people either. I’m in graduate school and I work out at the school gym, so the people there are mostly younger than me. I would say you can meet women at the gym, there have to be some cuties there. Or the other option is the grocery store. I know it sounds crazy, but you have to eat, right? That way you can also check out their eating habits. I would agree with the others about clubs and bars. From my experience, it just doesn’t work out well. Hope I was helpful.

Fira, the tips I listed should work for you as well. I have recently met someone new because of where I live. I moved into a new apartment in August. And I tend to chill at the pool after my workouts and on the weekends. So I’ve met a few people that way. I talked to one cutie last night. We are having a 70’s party Sat. night for residents, and she will be going. So I’ll see her again at the party. And I’ll look forward to meeting some new people as well. The cool thing about my apartment community is that they hold monthly parties or get togethers for residents. So that’s another way for me to mingle.

As for the gun range, that is something that Brock Strasser has talked about. It worked very well for him. So don’t be afraid to try the unusual.

An engineer? So sorry. Actually, I am an engineer by education, with 13 years at a major engineering company. Usually, there are a lot of women around, but they aren’t the type you’d usually be looking for (remember the old term “secretary spread”?). In any case, I am married to a fine lady that I met at work. One of the rare cases. But here’s the thing – most engineers are programmed to be geeks and social misfits. Don’t fall into that mold!! Strive to be the atypical engineer. Live your life and be less of an introvert. Start conversations where ever you go, and not just with “chicks”. Talk with every body. It works. By being the person who’s interested in everybody else, you become very confident, and therefore attractive to women. It doesn’t take long to find out a lot about a person. Try reading the book “How to have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People” by Les Giblin, and “How to win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegy.

I once read that the best place for guys to meet women is to do volunteer work at a community theatre. Men are totally outnumbered and any straight guy with a pulse is in luck. I haven’t done it myself though so I can’t say from experience. For women, take investment classes or some other male dominated activity ie the gun range. Unless you’re a gun control liberal. Depends on the type of person you are looking for.

Yeah, anything theater related will work. I used to do a lot of acting in high school and college. And those are easy places to meet people. Although, many “actors” tend to be a bit on the weird side.

Something else that works is to volunteer for fun events. I volunteer at a local haunted house each year. I always meet people there, and it’s so much fun! I’ll be there again this year, playing my “psycho” role that everyone loved the first time I played it a few years ago. Should be a blast! :wink:

Here’s one that worked great for myself and a good friend. We went out to a bar all dressed up, cute dresses, heels etc. Guys started conversations all night…‘what’s the occasion?’ was usually the opening line. anything that makes you stand out a bit is a good thing (unless you stand out because you’re puking on the bar floor grin) and if you stand out with class it’s even better!!! the swing classes are a great idea. there is a swing dance about every week where i live, and there are plenty of single women who go to the dances!!! and guys who are confident enough to learn to dance definately score points!!!

Go to a sex addict meeting. Chicks there are a sure thing, trust me.

I’ve recently finished a great book called “How to Succeed with Women”. It is chock full of advice and tips beginning with how to meet women ending with how to get rid of women the morning after. They recommend yoga classes, dance classes, the library BUT THE NUMBER ONE PLACE is: Everywhere! Their philosophy is to say hi and to talk to as many women as possible in as many different places and situations. Once you’re comforatble saying hi (this is assuming you have a fear of rejection), you move on to flirting with them and asking them out.
The book is awesome. Best 15 bucks I’ve spent in a long time.

And on the other side of the spectrum from gun clubs are Yoga classes. You wouldn’t believe the female/male ratio, and if you look good, that’s even better.