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Picking Up Relatively Heavy Things. Mostly Weights.

Never done a public log before, but I’m about to start on a new program next Monday so I thought I’d get a log started.

I’ve been reestablishing some strength for the past 4 weeks after 6 months out of the weightroom. I’ll be using this week to establish a few maxes which I’ll work off of in the coming weeks.

A little history: I’ve spent the past 12 years using a variety of training strategies for football. My foundation would best be categorized as powerlifting with hang-variation Olympic lifts sprinkled in.

My upcoming program is a blend of a lot of concepts that may become more apparent as I complete the logs. It will resemble something like what follows:

AM-Sprints/Bear Crawls
PM-Squat/Assistance Lifts


PM-Power Clean-Push Press/Assistance Lifts


PM-Deadlift/Assistance Lifts

To give you an idea of where I’m at now I’ll include a few current stats and maxes established within the past week (deadlift max to be established Friday):

270-290 haven’t weighed myself in the past 12 months
PwrClean-PushPress - 250lbs
Mile: 7:05 (felt like finding out last Friday morning)

I’ll gladly accept any criticism of the program (imbalances, too much clutter, etc.)

Finally, a picture of today’s 500lbs squat with 2 questions:
1)I’m not sure how I feel about my depth. Opinions?
2)Whose butt is better? My girlfriend’s or mine?

585lbs deadlift from yesterday. A few points I noticed:
Need to keep the bar into my shins
Need to keep my hips down
Need to work on hip/glute/hamstring flexibility/mobility in order to maintain proper alignment

Anything else?

I think I’ll use a max about 20lbs less than this for my Deadlift days until I can clean up my form.
At least I know I have the power in my legs to drive it. Just need to maintain tight form.

Monday I’ll begin with squats.

Not sure that the video worked in my previous post. Trying to attach it again.

I would recommend getting your hips down then set up your grip, do you use chalk? Jaw clench as well Yeah go lighter as you stated keep tight form.

Not a bad max I might add good work

Thanks, first time ever video taping myself lifting and it’s been about 5 years since I’ve had any hands on instruction. I’m kind of embarrassed by some of the bad habits I’ve developed. Won’t take long to clean up most things.

Yeah your at a good strength level, the way I learned to dead was strictly for pl. Feet in tight hips not 2 low but not high arms in tigh against body, bar over feet centre or heels, keep lower back straight clench jaw and lift. I re watched the vid yeah your buts gotta get lower,

10x50 yard sprints/30sec rest
2x50 yard bear crawl/1min rest

62% Chart
Squat @ 500lbs
310x7, 340x5, 390x3, 425x1, 460x1, 475x1, 475x1, 475x1, 425x3

1a) Leg Curl- 150x6, 165x6
1b) Lunges- 70x6, 100x6

2a) Neutral Pull-up- BWx5, BWx5
2b) Bench Press- 225x10, 235x15

3a) Alt DB Curl- 30x8, 35x8
3b) DB Skullcrusher- 40x8, 45x8

4a) Lat Raise- 20x12, 20x12
4b) Rear Delt- 12x12, 12x12

Agility-5yd Sprint/10yd Backpedal/20yd Sprint
6 Sets/Full recovery
Carry-1 min@150lbs/1 min recovery
3 sets

1a) Plyo push-up
1b) Plyo BW row
2 sets of 10

2)Broad Jumps
2 sets of 5

3)Depth Jumps
3 sets of 5

4)Single leg hip thrusts
2 sets of 12

5)Leaper squat machine
145x3, 200x3, 200x3

6x100 yards sprint/30-45 sec rest
1x100 yards bear crawl

Power Clean to Push Press-62% Chart
155x7, 170x5, 195x3, 210x1, 230x1, 240x1, 240x1, 240x1, 210x3

1a)RDL- 185x8, 195x8, 205x8
1b)Front Squat- 155x6, 170x6, 185x6

2a)Bentover Row- 205x5, 225x5
2b)Dips- BW+25x10, BW+25x10

3a)Shrugs- 365x12, 405x12
3b)DB Rows- 75x12, 75x12

4a)DB Hammer Curl- 30x12, 35x12
4b)Bench Press Lockouts from pins ~12inches above chest- 405x5, 405x5

Never really been coached on power cleans or push presses so I was wondering if I could get some insight if anyone feels up to it. First time ever video taping this movement as well.


Agility- Triangle Drills: 3xBackpedal-shuffle-sprint(Both Directions) 3xShuffle-Sprint-Sprint(Both directions) 2x5yard Sprint-Backpedal-Sprint-BP-Sprint-BP-Sprint-BP-Sprint

Carries- 3x1min/1min rest Overhead Carries w/ 150lbs (These were turrible)


1a) Push up line hops- 2x12
1b) Jumping pull ups-2x5

  1. Cross-body Mountain Climbers- 2x15 each leg

  2. Lunge Jumps- 2x10 each leg

  3. Kettlebell Swings- 2x25 @50lbs (Just held two 25lbs plates together)

  4. Overhead Med Ball Slam-3x10 @12lbs

6a) 4-Way Hip- 2x10
6b) Med Ball Ground pound- 2x10

I may eliminate the Lunge Jumps next week and add another set for Swings, 4-way hip, and Med Ball Pound. I have a toe thing and find the Lunge Jumps particularly painful in hyperextension.

AM: Rest

Deadlift- 62% @560
350x7, 375x5, 430x3, 475x1, 515x1, 530x1, 530x1, 530x1, 475x3

1a) Strict Military- 185x5, 205x4
1b) Hip Thrust- 185x6, 205x6

2a) Bulgarian Squat- 60x8, 70x8
2b) Chin ups- BWx5, BWx5

3a) Incline Bench- 225x8, 275x4
3b) Lat Raise- 20x8, 25x8

4a) Narrow Incline- 225x6, 245x6
4b) Incline DB Curl- 30x8, 40x8

1/2 mile jog and return trip sprint/walk every other telephone pole

Flatten your back. I know some PLs pull huge weight with rounded backs with no problem, but you didn’t say you were competing so you should probably be more concerned with safety and form than an extra 20 lbs on the bar. I may be overly sensitive, but I have two bad discs in my low back from a non-lifting accident so back position is a big deal to me. Once you blow a disc, nothing is ever the same. Protect the low back no matter what.

I presume that is near your max b/c you said you were re-establishing your maxes. Post a vid of a 70% or so pull so we can see good form.

I’ll get back with that next week

6x100yards/30-45sec rest
1x100yard bear crawl

Squat- ABC Chart @ 500lbs
1st set constant at 135lbs - 65%-75%-85%-95%-95%-95%-95%
135x7, 325x5, 375x3, 425x1, 475x1, 475x1, 475x1, 475x1

1a)Leg Curls- 165x6, 180x6
1b)Step ups- ~36inch box with 12lbs med ball overhead, 2x12

2a)Neutral pull up- BWx5, BWx6
2b)Bench Press- 225x11, 245x15

3a)Alt DB Curl- 30x10, 35x10
3b)BW Skullcrushers- BWx12, BWx15

4a)Lat Raise-20x12, 20x12
4b)Rear Delt- 12x12, 12x12

Thought the idea of including a ~70% video for deadlift wouldn’t be a bad idea for all of my Big 3. Thus, a casual video of a 325lbs squat.

Shuffle®10 yards/Sprint 40 yards(Kinda resembles a secondary lead in baseball)
Shuffle(L)10 yards/Sprint 40 yards
Backpedal 10 yards/Sprint 50 yards

1min hold/1min rest for 3 sets

All work done very close to 100% recovered

1a)Power Pushup 2x10
1b)Power BW Row 2x10

2a)Landmine Clean-to-Press 3x70, 3x90
2b)Depth Jumps 2x5

3a)Single Leg Hip Thrust 3x12
3b)Leaper Squat Jumps 3x170, 3x200, 3x200

10x50 yard/30 sec rest
2x50 yard bear crawl/1 min rest

Power Clean-Push Press ABC Chart @ 250lbs
135x7, 170x5, 195x3, 215x1, 240x1, 240x1, 240x1, 240x1

1a)RDL- 195x8, 205x8, 215x8
1b)Front Squat- 170x6, 195x6, 225x6

2a)Bentover Rows- 210x5, 225x5
2b)Snatch Grip High Pull- 225x5, 245x5

3a)Dips- BW+25x12, BW+25x12
3b)Chainsaws- 75x12, 75x12

4a)DB Hammer Curls- 30x12, 40x12
4b)BW Skullcrushers- BWx12, BWx15