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Picking up girls at the gym. Yeeeahhhhhh

Damn KrazzyKathy, how weak was that? I didn’t know I was being made fun of by 11 year olds. hahaha.

Oh Ramone, you have to be the biggest loser to reply to this thread and that in itself a hard task. First how 'bout I post my arm workout and see if you can do it in 30 minutes or less. That arm workout I did is the reason why I’m sporting 17 1/2 inches from 15 inches 10 weeks ago, so all that Ian King talk from you goes out the window. Also, what’s up with you trying to stick up for everyone I shot down in this thread. They don’t care about you. No one is impressed by you. Your not making any new buddies because your standing up for them. I think these people (no matter how lame they are) can fight their own fights and don’t need your corny ass standing up for them. Are you related to these folks or what?Also about the R-Kelly stuff, unless your sorry ass lives in a cave, damn near everyone who knows anything about R-Kelly knew about those sex tapes. That’s like everyone knowing about the DC Sniper but not everyone knows about doubleyourdating.com b/c I sure as hell didn’t so that weak attempt to get at me doesn’t hold up. I could care less if T-Nation can do without me. I don’t care. I’m not known to give advice anyway. I take advice to the folks who do help me here. I don’t “flame” or try to comeback at someone with weak ass jokes just because I don’t like the subject matter. That’s not what this post is about. Now you want me banned from posting b/c I posted about getting girls. What are you, a loner. No way will I get banned. I didn’t unnecessary flame anyone. That’s not me. I don’t flame but always give thanks to anyone who takes the time to make or reply to a query to a question I have.

Also and you being justified to call me juvenile is funny as hell. You’re 18 right. You prolly still have your parents paying your bills or your cell phone bill and if you have a car, they prolly (yup prolly)bought it for you on your 18th birthday you baby. When I was 17, I had m own apartment and now have my own car that’s paid for. How 'bout you. Juvenile, I don’t think so.

Yeh this is Jerry Springer all right and right now you’re getting booed by the audience for your lame attempt to get at me. Fall back son. NEXT.