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Picking up girls at the gym. Yeeeahhhhhh

Oh man is this ever sweet. While some of you are getting fed up with Mr. Juvenile Tool here, Im on the side thats just rooting this on like a Jerry Springer fight. Its funny cmon admit it. Matt, very well put post.(It was Ian King who said,‘over an hour-your making friends’) Juity, the fact that your bragging about your arm workout taking the better half of an hour, says a lot about your knowledge of proper training. I dont see how you get off calling other people’s jokes lame. Nothing was lamer then your subway joke to Jared. Someone made a crack about that dating website, and you said they frequent it.Using your reasoning skills, you have photographic memory of the R. kelly kiddy videos. T-Nation could do without you, unless village idiot tickles your fancy, but it sounds like you’d rather watch kiddy porn.Im 18 and think Im more then justified to call you juvenile. “Prolly” hey. Loser.