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Picking up girls at the gym. Yeeeahhhhhh

First of all Matt, too bad my big ass reply got deleted when my comp froze up so I’ll keep this short. If you knew why I got a membership to the gym in the first place, you wouldn’t even question why I go to the gym. Just gonna say I lost out on quite a few schollys b/c of a knee injury. You can only assume since you don’t know me that I don’t go to the gym to workout. When I first got to the gym, I’d be there 2 hours maybe more, the first hour or so, I’d be there with 2 personal trainers rehabbing my surgically repaired knee to get in shape in time for b-ball season(hard work, no slacking, and trainers pushing my ass the whole time) so your theory that I just go to the gym to socialize goes out the window. You can’t make a blind assumption just because I posted about how to pick up women at the gym.

Second of all, if you saw my typical arm workout, there’s no way you’d be able to get done with that in 30 minutes, no fukking way, I’d post it if you’d like but I doubt you will. My arms have their own day.

third, my typical gym schedule goes sort of like this. Get to gym, talk to ladies at front desk for a brief second, talk to the guy at the juice bar who I’m cool with, watch the basketball game for a minute, write down what my workout will be (10-15 minutes total) get to my workout, workout hard the whole time, cardio days I just run for 30 minutes (total time 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours) finally leave, go wash my face, change my shirt, buy a shake, talk for a couple of minutes on my way out (total time 10 minutes). Roughly 2 hours.

Once in a blue moon do I just stop a workout to talk to a babe.

So once again, your theory about me just going to the gym to socialize is out the window, start from scratch buddy. Almost all my socilizing is BEFORE or AFTER a workout, not during. Nothing wrong with that. I just love women, what’s wrong with that. I’m just a social person, I guess that comes from waiting tables, I’m just a very social individual. I can’t be going everywhere with a stale face loking pissed cuz that’s not my style. I have enough personal issues to deal with and I’d go crazy not socializing. Unfortunately I haven’t done squats to the point that I’m about to vomit. First of all, I don’t mess with squats since it hinders the reecovery time of my left knee and second, I would get a fukking trash can by me if I feel the need to vomit, just like I did doing meltdown, since I am courteous of other people.

Once again, I posted this in off topic, one b/c I was ASKED to and 2, people keep asking questions on how to pick girls up at the gym. no need for personal attacks but whatever, bring it, I can go all day with you.

Brider, I know not what you speak. What the hell is a “goober”.

Gnostic, I haven’t seen pootie tang so I don’t know, but thanks, I think.

To the rest of you. Lame, I ain’t even wasting my time. Peace.