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Picking up girls at the gym. Yeeeahhhhhh

Hmmmm… no, my post had nothing to do with bragging about how I can perform full squats and cleans. If I were to brag about such things, it would fall on deaf ears because probably 95% of t-maggers are capable of and do the same things (at least at various points in their training). So why would I brag about being able to do these exercises when nearly everyone else on this forum would simply say, “so what?” You obviously missed the point of my post, which was that I see the gym as a place to train whereas you see it as your social outlet. I understand that you are under 21 so you do not have access to bars (unless you have a good fake ID), but come on, I am sure there are other places where you can meet attractive women that are designed for just that purpose. I am sure that I speak for most single straight men on this forum when I say that we do like talking to attractive women and many of us do. Many of the single straight men on this forum also have sex or other intimate contact with women that we meet from time to time. The point is not that we are against picking up beautiful women, but rather that most of us are very serious about weight training and we don’t look at the gym as a single’s club but as our proving grounds. The gym is a serious yet fun place for us. It doen’t seem to be the same for you. You use the gym as a means of showing off and strutting around for female attention whereas we see the gym as a place to get bigger, stronger, faster and leaner. Your claims about being serious about working out and not being at the gym to meet women are belied by the numerous examples you gave in your post regarding meeting women during either their ot your training. Your true motives are further belied by the length of your “workout.” As far as the length of your workout and how hard you claim to train, I think Poliquin said it best (or perhaps he was quoting someone else), if you are at the gym for more than 1 hour, you aren’t training, you are making friends. I am sure that I get more genuine work done in my 45 minutes than you do in more than twice that time. Oh, I have no doubt that you do hit the weights and that you probably perform waaaaaay more total sets and reps than I do. Of course if you were truly pushing yourself in the gym (instead of do a set, look at seld in mirror, look around to see if any girls are looking at you, saunter to the water fountain, pose near the equipment where the pretty ladies are, try to engage in idle chatter, do another set) by using a heavier weight and going closer to failure and/or reducing you rest time, you wouldn’t be capable of performing your marathon workout session. Have you ever pushed yourself so hard while squatting that you threw up in the gym? I have (even in front of all those pretty women). So have others on this forum. I am not saying that if you don’t train that hard you aren’t pushing yourself. Not at all. Instead, I am pointing out how much difference there is between how I see the gym and how you see it. Even the off-topic forum is populated mostly be people who are serious about training with weights. So when we see someone on “our” forum posting such silliness and in essence defiling our “temple,” you should expect the sort of reaction you got. You have reminded us why 95% of the T-maggers are different than you and those like you who populate commercial gyms throughout this country. I am just curious, and please answer honestly: If you had a choice between two gyms (assume that are equal distance from you and cost the same and both have all the free weights you need to train) which would you choose (a) the hardcore gym along the likes of a Westside Barbell Club or Los Angeles Lifting Club which are almost entirely populated by men and a handful of serious women where most of the people there are bigger, stronger (including many of the women who are far smaller) and way more knowledgable than you, or (b) the commerical gym with aerobics classes, shiny equipment, gorgeous women, lots of mirrors, etc. where you might be considered one of the bigger guys there. I know which one I (and most t-maggers) would choose and it wouldn’t be option B… I think we know what you would choose and that makes you different than most t-maggers here.