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Picking up girls at the gym. Yeeeahhhhhh

Hey old ass lifter, I’m sorry for what happened to your index finger tip, I’ll get some Ice and a bandaid for you if need be. I’m actually appreciating these blind comments from these haters cuz I keep giving it back to them. I’m not at all pissed off. It’s just funny that just cuz I posted on how to get women (by the way, I was ASKED to post this, figured I’d get at least 1 thank you but oh well)these cats have the nerve to ASSUME (theres that word again paul) that all I do is talk to women when I go to the gym. that’s like me saying some $hit about getting laid by some girl in college and some haters saying, you go to college to get an education not get laid. Laughable.

Damn, Paul, telling jokes…it, it just
isn’t you. Just isn’t, you don’t have the creativity. Leave the jokes to me while you continue running running searches on the username “juity.” I NEVER get served, remember that, why don’t you do another search and read the whole topic and see who got served. my good friend Joel Marion made an erroer by saying I did an 83 set workout when it was just 38, but nothing against Joel, it’s all good though. Hmm don’t recall getting served in the steroid forum either, how 'bout you tell me who served me so i can get them back since you know everything about me. Please understand the nature of women, they are gonna get mad regardless. if someone comes out with the tactics they use to get them, women are gonna hate and be like, “that corny $hit wouldn’t work on me.” That’s just how women are. I know not to read into what women say but their body language and facial expressions but that’s a whole 'nother lesson. maybe you should trade email addresses with ryno so he can send you a newsletter from that doubleyourdating website he frequents and you can learn something. Maybe.