Picking up girls at the gym. Yeeeahhhhhh

This is an interesting post. Here I though it was one of Goldbergs how to do cheerleading stunts or maybe lifting women as they do in the circus. Prehaps, even the various body carries used by the Medics. BUT I WAS WRONG.
Sonny boy, don’t ask for comments to a post like yours and then wigout because you get flamed. I am glad you are finally learning how to interact with the opposite sex. Now be aware of the effect your posting will have.

To many of us have been exposed to gym romeo and vamps. One gym vamp, bumped into me (I guess cause I was focusing on my workout and not her displaying her wares) as I was putting away a heavy set of dumbbells. This caused me miss the rack and break my right index finger tip. So I have neither the time or patience for this kind of play on the gym floor. Best of Luck.