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Picking up girls at the gym. Yeeeahhhhhh

Jared do you need me to send you a book on how to attract women or get laid b/c I can make a post about that too. It looks like your just indirectly asking for advice on how to attract women or get laid you virgin. Why don’t you stick to making dumb ass Subway commercials while I pile on the insults.

nephorn, no substance, no reply.

Paul, damn man, I didn’t know I insulted you to the point where you had to search for my username to dig up dirt on me. I mean, that IS what you did. Loser. What does a post about me asking for advice on 'roids 3 fukking months ago have to do with this here topic. It was prolly smart on my part asking for advice on 'riods instead of blindly purchasing the wrong stuff. B/c I do have access to 'roids but obviously I needed some advice before using them. All that is irrelevant and just proves that I’ve irritated you to the point where you’re running searches on my username to dig dirt up on me, that in itself is laughable. The last part of your sorry speech were all assumptions. Let me give you a little lesson on assumptions. When you ASS-U-M-E, you make an ASS out of U and ME. so don’t assume. All those comments you made were assumptions and far from the truth. Oh, I turned 20 in September by the way, also African American, how do you know my age, do you know how much I weigh and what my favorite tv shows are too? Fukking Stalker. Away with you.