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Picking up girls at the gym. Yeeeahhhhhh

Hiter Scott, the girl that’s a biitch is just a conceited a$$ biitch, she works downstairs at the front desk. I didn’t talk to her while she was working out. So please go back and try again. The time I tried to talk to her was AFTER my workout as I was leaving, I stopped to get my card and just said something to which she replied with an attitude. And how is this cheesy, if I was saying some b/s lines like "are you an angel b/c you must have come down from heaven,"that would be classified as cheesy. What I say is just basic spur of the moment convo that is used everyday, don’t you know that or you must not get out much. Why don’t you post a normal conversation you have with women since you think those lines are so corny, and I’ll do the same and we’ll see whose $hit is corny and whose is not. Yup thought so, all talk but no walk. You probably enjoy the company of men more than woman you fruitbasket. Guys like you admire gys like me so if I was you, I wouldn’t look in my direction/sunlight reflect ya might just get a pupil infection/But Scott you’re a fag, you might just get an erection/ Oh I know I’m cool with other chicks, b/c that’s just me. When a girl comes up to you initiating a flirty convo with you, it means she likes you, dumba$$. Or has this never happened to you before. “Dork,” ok gotcha, I think, Hahahaha.

(Tinman and avoids roids you aren’t worthy of a reply from me)

Matt, hahaha, what was that, The gettysburg Address? All that was, was you bragging about how you can do full squats and power cleans. I’m not even what you described there. I go to the gym to workout, for the, usually 2 hours that I’m there. BEFORE and AFTER I workout is when I talk to people, not during. I don’t “hate”, hate is too strong a word but I just laugh at the guys that do go there JUST to talk to women. I am far from that, I promise. In the meantime Take that pointless $hit about power cleans and full squats to the Training and Nutrition forum while I hold court on these “haters.”

Ya’ll come on now, don’t hate me because I love talking to girls while you guys don’t. I work out just as hard as you do, maybe even harder (don’t believe me, check out a workout I posted a while back in T & N and the time it takes to do it). It’s just that I have more fun doing it.