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Picking up girls at the gym. Yeeeahhhhhh

All you feminists PLEASE SHUT THE FUKK UP. Don’t get upset cuz no one is talking to you. You’re prolly the gals that look like damn transvestites, looking like Dennis Rodman with a wig on. I bet ya’ll the same women that get jealous when a guy talks to your friend and not you, then you start c-blocking his helpless ass. You swear to God that I go to the gym to hit on girls. 95% of the time that I have these convos with women are BEFORE and AFTER my workouts and most of these conversations with women are with the women I see everyday. I rarely, RARELY talk to gals when I’m working out but every now and then if I see a lady I fancy, I talk to her for about a minute. not when she’s working out, usually they look in my direction or smile b4 I make a move. Matter of fact I’ve been a member of the said gym for 6 months and maybe 10 times have I had a short convo with women during my workout and I go to the gym 4-5 times a week. So that b/s theory about me just going there to hit on girls goes out the window.

Crooz, what the fukk are you talking about you jackass. I NEVER walk up to some girl working out with some gay ass smile and then start talking to her while she’s working out and I never talk to the guys working out unless they initiate the convo. I was talking about the guy that works (employees) there and since were cool I can talk to him about stuff like that.

Oh Karma, please shut your A cup having ass up. How the fukk you gonna get A cups confused with D cups, you blind bastad. Judging from your picture, you’re not working too hard in the weight room yourself. How you gonna flex your right bicep and the muscle flexes down. HAHAHA. I ain’t even gonna get started on your face but you already know about 10 people already said you look like a man. Go cry to your ex husband kid.

Arnold why don’t you get your own name instead of trying to be someone you obviously ain’t. Hating on me for getting woman, what are you gay. Last time I checked this was the off topic forum so you can post stuff like this.

Paul, I NEVER get served, you remember that.

Ryno, I bet you have no game whatsoever, just for the simple fact that you contributed nothing plausibble to this topic but a lame ass joke of some website you frequent. Who is doubleyourdating.com. Why don’t you post their newsletter since you’re obviously a member of that site.

Obviously I posted this b/c I mentioned this topic a few months back and some people were egging me on to post it so I did. I finally got around to this.

Women. I understand you though. It’s understandable that you get upset by this post. But if you don’t like it, then you can Tune Out.