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Picking up girls at the gym. Yeeeahhhhhh

I both detest and am happy for guys like this in the gym. I detest them for being juvenile asses in the gym, who probably spend as much time primping for their “workout” as they do “working out.” These are the same guys who pose in front of mirrors and hit he glam muscles and turn the gym into a narcissistic playground. I see this all the time. Probably more than many of you since I train at an upscale Los Angeles gym where celebrities and the “beautiful people” train. On the other hand, I never have to compete with these jokers for the power rack (except when some tanned, double earring wearing, fashionably dressed and hipply tattooed moron is performing bicep curls there). I am one of about 5 people in the gym that I have ever seen free weight squat in the gym and one of only two people that I have seen full squat (ass-to-the-grass). I am one of two people who train power cleans and the only person who snatches. I never talk to anyone outside of what is necessary like “excuse me” when I am trying to get around them (and their inane chatter). I very rarely get bothered when training in the power rack, except by one of handful of other serious men and women, and when they ask to work in, its never a bother because, although we have never spoken outside of the “can I work in?” we have all made eye contact with one another and know through our hidden communication that we are of the same mold and that we are different than the others. If it weren’t for the morons paying their gym dues in order to “mac on butt-thong goddesses,” I might have to drive to a gym further away instead of walking to one right around the corner from my apartment which happens to be in a very expensive neighborhood. I might have to wait for the squat or power rack. What is also funny is that I probably get more positive attention from females in the gym than any of the guys like this a-hole simply because I do not behave in the manner they expect every straight man in the gym to act. So to this guy and those like him, thank you. You help pay to keep a gym close to where I live and so that I can have equipment pretty much all to myself. Thanks for making me look so much better than you by comparison. Oh, the added rage that I feel when I see dorks like you certainly helps my workout too.