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Picking up girls at the gym. Yeeeahhhhhh


like many that have already commented, i am at the gym to work my body and not my jaw.
i think headphones help to display this message. i have to remove at least one of my headphones to even hear anything else in the gym.

now, there are hotties at the gym and i am guilty of glancing, between sets, but if it starts to interfere with my focus, i will stop.
the other thing is, many of us spend the majority of our free time in the gym. so, if you are like me and you don’t drink (much) and you don’t date people from work, the only place you meet people is at the gym.
my personal rule for ‘talking’ to girls at the gym is simply this. if we happen to have made eye contact at some point and we happen to be LEAVING the gym at the same time - i may very well say hello and introduce myself in the parking lot. but that’s it. i never make any effort for this type of interaction but it does happen.
but to the t-vixens, i would never interupt a workout, especially in the middle of a set to try to strike up a convo.
not a classy move. grow up to the original poster you have a lot to learn.