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Picking up girls at the gym. Yeeeahhhhhh

Let me guess you’re also 6 feet, 200lbs @ 5%… Dude, you are definitely the one who needs to work on your social proof. More power to you, if you can get the girls in the gym but guys like you are ALL over the place at the gym I go to and I’ve gotten more attention just trying to work out than talking.

Since you’re sharing stories here’s one. Same sloth as yourself is drooling with the “lines” which he thinks are “making conversation”. This goddess (aren’t they all in these stories, honestly she was cute, bada$$ body but no goddess) comes to me and asks to work in. I say sure and don’t bother with the making conversation bit because I’m there to work my body not my jaw. Anyhow here you come with your winking and cheesy smile and she immediately turns to me and starts telling me how great a time she had last night and how I had worked her out really good… Cheese ball fell for it and slid away with his tail between his legs. She apologized and explained why the deception. I said I was glad I could help. I continued my workout & she did her thing. Later you come up “making conversation” and trying to find out if she was a freak. I ignored you and hear that now you think I’m jealous of your “mac” status.

Nothing wrong being social but how are you getting your workouts done in under an hour if all you’re doing is trying to “make convo”? How do you prepare for a heavy set of squats by focusing on the ass next to you? You are the kind of idiot who bumped into me when I was deadlifting because your focus was not on the environment but on the scenery. Please post where your kind are fabricated so we may all go and destroy this worthless broke ass wannabe mac producing slime plant.