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Picking up Bartender


Hot ass bartender I see repeatedly when I go to my usual place. Definitely gives me a warm smile and looks my way. For those of you who might have had success getting a bartenders number...what would you recommend to stand out from all the other dudes she sees nightly?


You have no chance. A "warm smile" and "looks my way" is really "buy another drink you cheap bastard" and "is it going to take another hour to kill the other half of your drink?"


What the good Brother said. My wife is a hot bartender and she uses the smile well (among other assets). It pays the bills.

But hey man, real advice: Be forward. Just ask for her number or if you can take her out. They get that a lot less than you think.

I watch the bar constantly and most guys want it but are too chickenshit to try and get it. The worst she can say is no and you're out nothing.


Or you can use my lines, when she smiles at you, just say, "if you really think I'm a cheap bastard and should buy another drink, just say so." Ask her her name and if you can take her out. Again, if she says no, what did you lose? Now, she knows you like her and aren't scared to be forward. She might take you up on the offer sometime.


ask her where she likes to go when she's not working.

you'll either get a location, or a brush off.

no biggie


Stalker detected.


Nah, HolyMac is right, it's the only way to make it work. If you try asking her out at work you will fail miserably.


Get there as soon as the bar opens when it's completely dead. Your best chance is when they're standing around doing nothing because the place hasn't filled up. Also you won't get interrupted with other people buying drinks and crap.

I've gotten to clubs right at opening (usually 10pm) and it's normally a whole hour to 90min before it really gets going. During this period the music is played at a much lower volume and you can talk to chicks without having to scream into their ear.

If you take my suggestion, don't stand around for 10min like a retard by yourself or with a guy friend, talk to her immediately.


You have fallen for one of the oldest tricks.

There are so many dolts out there who think a smile means they are into you.


Hitting on a bartender is one of the only times I've never bothered to talk to a girl.

It's like hitting on a stripper. You're paying them to like you, and it's probably not genuine, so fuck it.



lolol a smile doesnt mean shit.


Just wait till the bar closes.... chloroform.. duct tape... big trunk... oh shit wait


Duct tape does the trick, but don t forget to bring flowers to.

Bitches love flowers.


Don't do it. You are suffering from blood displacement syndrome.


I worked a s a bartender for a gay bar and I smiled at the guys there....its all for money, dude.


Yeah and maybe candle, bitches love candles


HM said it best. By showing her you're not intimidated by her looks or her job, you remove her power over you. Remember, the power of the pussy is mighty, show her you're invulnerable to it.




Only read title, not the thread, is your bartender fat? most bartenders I know are girls and are easy to pick up. Just grab them and lift. Maybe you need to work out more.



You show up at 10 at BEST she's going to think. "He doesn't know how to party."

HM is right. Chat with her a couple times while she bartends. Get her to start putting you on her guest list. Tell her you're partying on a week night that she's off. Get fucked up with her Wednesday and rail the shit out of her.
Or hope you're there on a slow night she doesn't start and same plan that night.

Or fuck her in the office downstairs... that's how the female customers pick me up at my bar. It works the other way around right?

Bar staff want to smash. Picking up a bartender isn't as hard as you think.