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Picking the Right Time for Bloodwork?


I've had my first consult with my Doc who agrees I have may have low Test...

Now I just have to go get the bloodwork done and see what the results are. I've never had it done before, so I have no idea where I'm at...

However, I'm wondering what your thoughts are on WHEN to get the bloodwork.

For example, test is higher in the morning, so wouldn't it make sense to get blood taken in the evening? Or on a day when I'm feeling particularly crappy?

Maybe I have the wrong mindset here, but I'd hate to go at the wrong time and come up with a reading that is just slightly too high.

On the other hand, if I test high, I could always go back in a month or whatever...



If you are you looking to get placed on TRT by cheating, then take it in the evening after a night of drinking....

But if you want to do it right, get it done in the morning of a normal day for you (or more specifically, preceeded by a normal night)


Thanks for your response.

It's not my intention to "cheat" my way into TRT, I was just wondering what factors anyone thought might affect my levels on a daily basis.

I actually think it's an underlooked issue, as there are so many factors to contend with. The biggest one I've seen is simply the difference between morning and night. Possibly alcohol consumption, but I would assume that would mess up other markers?

I've researched the stickys as best I could and could only find some information regarding this.

To clarify my point:

Say that your doctor agrees that you need TRT if you test below 300, and in the morning you test at 320? Why do the test in the morning and continue to feel like shit for longer, and have to go through the trouble of getting testing again and again, until your morning level drops to 299, when you could just do the test in the evening and likely be sub-300. (note I am using 300 arbitrarily)

I'm not sure how my doctor will react, but I would rather have the option to go on TRT if I can, rather than just having to wait and take another test later on.

I've been feeling like crap long enough, if there is a factor I can control to speed up the process and give me a more favourable outcome I will... But it's not my intention to cheat my way to TRT.

Actually, if time of day can alter your test levels that much, it should be taken into consideration when the test is done. Is it?


my doc always reminds me to get my blood work done in the morning, and he checks to see the time it was done


Labs set their testosterone ranges based on am tests, which is between 8-10 am...other tests have an AM and PM range, or something similar, but I havent seen a testosterone one that does...so yeah take that info for what its worth (could be worth a lot in your situation)...


I see! Thanks for the clarification.

My doctor didn't specify when to do the test... I think I'll just stop worrying about it then and do it as soon as I have time and quit worrying about it so much. (but then, anxiety could be a symptom. :stuck_out_tongue: anyway.)

Strangely, I feel better this week than I have in months. Energy levels up, strength levels good, slightly more libido. Although I'm thinking that me, even on a good day, is still pretty low.

I'm sure I'll be right back here for opinions as soon as I have my results, whatever they are.

Thanks again for the help.