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Picking the Right Protein Powder?


Another newbie question, thank you in advance for bearing with me.

How do you pick what kind of protein powder/drinks/shakes to buy?
What are important ingredients to look for?
What are things to avoid?

I picked up some protein drinks today (not for me, for my bf) that are Myoplex light, by EAS.

Do they all basically do the same thing?

I just know when I do my normal food shopping, I'm looking for things like versions of HFCS or saturated fat levels, so I'm guessing that there might be something like that involved with protein products.

Also, if there's a book out there on this that you've read and has helped, I would love the recommendation.

Thank you!


Yes but then I have to wait for it to arrive. "I hate waiting."

I've seen this stuff at the places I shop anyway: places like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, even Walmart. Kind why I was wondering.


protein powders should be...protein unless you are looking for a fancy premade version for PWO such as Surge here on the Biotest site

so protein would usually be a casein isolate or a whey isolate, each of them can be purified by various means such as "microfiltrated", "cold filtration" and "ion-exchange", a quality version of these isolates will have minimal lactose (carbs), no added sugars (like maltodextrin) and no junk proteins like soy, and should also have decent mixability with water or other liquids


That is a ridiculous reason to not buy a higher quality product for less than "designer" brands. It's fedex express shipping, buy on monday, and it'll probably be there by friday if not earlier.


I was quoting a movie....but okay if you didn't get it.

I want to understand WHY it's superior, not just because it comes from this website. WHAT makes these kinds of protein things better and what are the important parts to look for?

IF it really is best, then fine, no problem! But why wait for something, if an equivalent is five minutes from me?


Thank you, that makes sense to me.


At one time EAS made high-quality products, unfortunately it's been several years since this was the case.

They've significantly lowered the quality so that they can sell for less in Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and the other discount stores.


Myoplex lite (the ready to drink shakes) only have around 170 calories, 20 grams of protein, and 20 grams of carbs. That's really not enough for a man. They aren't a true protein shake because they have the carb element - they are designed as meal replacement. A true protein shake will have 20+ grams of protein and very few (like, maybe 3) grams of carb.


Quality of product is what separates good companies from bad.

If two butchers are both selling steak and one is a nice lean sirloin fresh cut from this morning for 5.99/lb and the other is a totally marbled steak from Tuesday for 4.99/lb... which is the better deal?

The grocery store brands are usually very cheap and for a reason, go with quality from a brand you trust.


Good to know. Thanks for the info!


Also, the myoplex RTD's have denatured protein...no good. You should stick with powder and just add water/milk/whatever