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Picking Periodization or Program

hello her is my stats:
Male 19years. 186cm tall. 86kg
Deadlift 120kg
Squat 130
Bench 110
Want to keep lifting raw
Finishing sheiko right now and will test soon. I know i have gotten abit stronger.
Now im looking more into different periodizations . Conjate method - westside - block - DUP .
I like they way block periodizations looks but by googling i seem to get pushed to do more like conjate method because they i get to keep the effect from all the reps types… But i personlly like block periodizations better cuz then i can spend 4-5 weeks focusing on hyperthpy and build muscle then get the new muscle stronger and then peak and hit new pr.
So what do your guys think of the different periodizations ? Tried some? Tell me your story and try help me out here;) thanks​:weight_lifting_man:t4::heart:

How about you test, and when you find out you’re stronger do Sheiko again because it worked

You’re weak - sorry there isn’t a nicer way to put it. Sheiko is a pretty good program. You get a bunch of volume but not so heavy you don’t practice good technique.

I’m guessing you’re not overly experienced, so here’s something it took me a little while to learn: if something is working keep doing it. Only ever change when it stops working.

Conjugate is a nice way of training and it works.Here are some threads with a shitload of info

Also search for Big Martin and read everything he’s posted

You can also read my log.I’ve been running it for some months and you can clearly see I’m stronger

That being said don’t even bother start this type of training if you’re not willing to run it for at least a year

I’m in a similar boat and enjoy me “free time” too much to be in the gym for seemingly needless hours in a day. I completed Candito’s 6 Week Strength program and broke all my previous PR’s which I hadn’t improved on in a long time. This program varies its reps/sets/intensity throughout the program and not a single workout took me more than an hour.

I think there are many better programs out there for hypertrophy, but I’ll definitely be going back to it again to bust out some new PR’s when I put strength back on top of my priority list.

Do you mind sharing what your PR’s were? Congratulations by the way!

I found that conjugate method is best suited for equipped lifters

@Julian96 totally understand where you’re coming from, I work 12 hour shifts too. I get around them by training only on days off so I can train as long as I like. But, I get seven days off per fortnight so one week I train two days and one week four days with one complete rest day. If that’s not an option for you I’d agree that Candito is a good alternative but also consider Cube or a 531 variation. However, since Sheiko is working for you I’d recommend trying to keep it. If you find it too heavy, why not use a training max for your percentages? Usually 90% of your true max works well.

@mastadon91 I agree. I think it can also work for more experienced raw lifters, but as a beginner or intermediate you do better doing lots and lots of the competition movements. The only situation where a less experienced raw lifter could do well using conjugate is with a very, very good coach who could pick what variations of the lifts would work best.

These are good block-ish templates, especially final one…

Read through some of your previous threads. Stick to a program. In August of 2015, you said you were gonna start 531 and now you’re finishing up Sheiko? EVERY SINGLE POST you have on here is about finding a new program . Pick something, stick to it.

Did a bit more digging into your profile.
Early August - my 5/3/1 plan
Early August - 5/3/1 with BBB
Early August again - 5/3/1 new and better with BBB
Mid October - some silly question bout 531
Now - question about periodization and picking a new program

Maybe I might be an uptight asshole but dude, most of the advice given to you here is probably gonna fall on deaf ears. My advice? Take a program, any program and stick to it for 6 months without changing ANYTHING. Come back when you’re done and maybe you ain’t completely lost. I would recommend 531 BBB but I doubt you’ll listen.