Picking Openers

How far out from a meet do y’all pick your openers?

My coach usually assigns them the week before the meet, or the week of.

I usually do triples 2-3 weeks out, doubles 1-2 weeks out, and if there’s a week remaining, I do openers, which are usually based off the triples before my deload for real. 2nd attempt usually based off the doubles, with 3rd attempt being planned for a PR

We do a planned range for all the attempts, but also plan for conservative and aggressive for contingency.

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After you have done your heaviest lifts for that training cycle, which should be some time in the last couple weeks before the meet.

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Four weeks out when we take a fatigued max.

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On deadlift specifically do you account for a fatigued state when picking your weights? I’m 3 weeks from my first meet and just recently hit squat and deadlift in the same session. I was surprised how much my deadlift sets suffered


The way we peak, yes. Our attempts are based on a fatigued max and we go into meet in a fully recovered state after a period of overreaching.

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