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Picking Just One Biotest Supplement

Biotest supplement. Just one Biotest supplement is all I really can afford.

Which one do you guys think is best? I’m willing to spend 60$ maybe at most.

Right now my goals are strength and size, I already have creatine, vitamin C and D, BCAAs, tryrosine, and a decent low carb protein shake (that i didnt pay for), I think I am going to take Poliquin’s approach with the wine store thing if any of you remember that article for post workout carbs. Still I wouldnt rule out Surge or any of that stuff if any of yall suggested it.

Oh and im doing High performance mass right now. Thanks boys.

A lot of people are going to tell you to just spend your money on food.

But to be useful; based on what you have you don’t really NEED anything else. You could buy Flameout, but since money is an issue there are cheaper ways to get your fish oil. Is this something you’re looking to buy on a regular basis? Surge Recovery is a good (and tasty) product, but again if money is an issue there are cheaper ways to get similar things. I really love Z-12 for getting awesome sleep.

If you are hell-bent, they have a good deal on creatine from Biotest. Like 20$ for 800g. Then spend the other $40 on food.

oh yea i forgot to mention I have fish oil already.

I already have some pretty high quality food (at least right now over break while im living with the rents).

Uh yeah I guess something I would by on the reg, just something that would mainly help with recovery/general health.

And I agree I think I have my bases mainly covered. I’ve been meaning to to buy some sups off Biotest just to support them for all the great info they provide, but random occurences such as gnc employees deciding to give me employee discounts due to steeler shirt/hat/tatoo and friends deciding to become vegans (weird).

You’re going to get tons of answers, none from me.

Look at your goals and decide yourself.

[quote]Dread wrote:
If you are hell-bent, they have a good deal on creatine from Biotest. Like 20$ for 800g. Then spend the other $40 on food.[/quote]


I think this is the best advice.

I respond very well to Power Drive, like Spike tablets, Spike Shooters and take something like Surge before workouts, which helps me beat PRs week after week.

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But seriously, you are already taking enough supplements. When you run out of protein powder buy some Metabolic Drive.

Superfood? Great way to get the nutrients you need with stuffing down a bunch of fruits and veges leaving more room for cal dense food.

Let me rephrase that, I already have a perfect diet with whole foods, or atleast a really good one. All organic meat, fish, and eggs and a shit ton of different veggies and fruit, (although I go easy on the fruit compared to the veggies). And besides money isn’t an issue with real food because my parents pay for that. Or atleast they do while I’m living at home over break.

stick with whole foods for now.

buy as much protein powder as you can (not necessarily Biotest as its kinda pricey although good quality)

save protein powder for when you dont have plenty of whole foods (i assume youre in college and eat dorm food?)

PS what is poliquins wine store carb approach?

Easy- Biotest creatine, Metabloic Drive or whey protien.

Milk… Biotest has that right? (or at least they should sell lactase, that is a life saver)…

But anyway,
Beta-alanine (Beta-7) is always a good idea, in my book, as as stimulants, though I have never used Spike.

My absolute favorites are L-leucine and ZMA though. Biotest has both. I highly recommend those to any of my friends, recovery and protein synthesis is definitely a good thing.

Just the act of someone buying a supplement from a particular brand FOR THE SAKE OF IT shows the person has no idea what s/he’s doing in regards to nutrition.

Oh, and if you’re concerned about cost, buy some liver. I got a pound for $1.30 today. That, and mashed potatoes, can come out to meals costing less than two dollars!

Also cheap is canned tuna.

Oh yeah, and with 60 bucks, you can buy half a week’s work of food for a skinny noob!

Just unreal the shit people talk about, when the haven’t even added 20 to 30 pounds of LBM minimum.

There have been men in the past who could lift weights we don’t have time to count, and they used little to no supplements.