Picking From Waterbury's Programs

I’ve always been convinced that it is possible to add muscle and loose fat at the same time. Although it may be a slower process, I still think it’s possible.

Despite this, I’ve decided to try a short bulking phase for the rest of the summer and then begin cutting once school starts. I figure it couldn’t really hurt to try something I’ve never done before.

I'm a huge Waterbury fan, and the way I see it, he has written three programs that I have that are focused on fat loss.  They are: "Next Big Three", "Outlaw Strength and Conditioning", and "10x3 for Fat Loss".  Does anyone have any experience with any of these or know of any others that are good? 

If it matters for which one you suggest, I’m 6’1" 210 and have been maintaining 8-10% body fat since I dropped down from 285 once college football and olympic lifting was over.

If you are going to pick a routine written by an individual, it makes sense to pick the most recent because it will comprise of what he has learned, new info based on studies, etc. Just a thought.

Not a bad point. If that’s the case, I believe “10x3 for Fat Loss” is the most recient one.

No the 30 day mass plan would be the most recent. It is on the home page. I just finished the first 10 days and have gained 5lbs. I now weight 240lbs. I took the breaks off of eating and just ate whatever, but my strength went way up through out the first ten days. Weird! Very Weird.

[quote]BigAlSwede wrote:
Not a bad point. If that’s the case, I believe “10x3 for Fat Loss” is the most recient one. [/quote]

I was looking for a program that focused on fat loss.

I’m currently doing 10 x 3 for Fat loss although I modified it and threw in another set of 10 x 3’s at the end. I can feel myself almost reaching with these long sessions, but it is only twice a week and this low rep thing is a blessing after the Waterbury summer project.

My sessions have been running an hour to 75 minutes. As long as you hit the sprints and jump roping, you should definately lose fat especially with the small rest periods that decrease almost every session.

I have enjoyed this program so far and would recommend it, but I feel after the 4 weeks I am going to be ready for something else because the 10 x 3 deadlifts and squats are taxing, but in a good way.

I have done most of waterburys programs, except the other 2 you mentioned. If you are dedicated and want to lose fat I highly recommend the Waterbury summer project.

Otherwise I have been focused on muscle building so some of my other favorites include SOB training, Quattro Dynamo, TBT, Art of Waterbury, and the Waterbury High Frequency System. You can’t go wrong with any of those. I really wasn’t interested in the next big 3 and Outlaw S and C will be done sometime in the near future, but it looks like a killer.