Picking Conditioning

I have a question. How do you pick your conditioning around your lifting? Let’s say your doing an upper/lower split or 5/3/1 or something like that. On your lower body days for example, would you pick conditioning focusing on your lower body (say sled dragging) or something that focuses slightly more on your upper body, like sandbag carries? And lets say this conditioning work was being done immediately after or within an hour of your strength training.

I doubt it really matters in the long run, just curious. I’ve heard that doing conditioning work that targets muscles strength trained either that day or the day before will spur recovery in those muscles (this sentence just seems butchered, imo…). At the same time, I can see how it would be a good idea to let the muscles rest the day that they were worked.

Any thoughts?

I like doing circuits for rounds rather than focusing on one exercise. IMO, doing conditioning that focuses on a few exercises that focus on the same body parts, like just doing pushups, sled dragging, or something else, hurts the recovery time. I’d rather my heavy breathing be the hardest part of my conditioning rather than muscle endurance. Not that muscle endurance shouldnt be trained, but in my experience, it hurts my recovery.

the way I do it, is I train upper body twice a week, and lower body once a week. so 3 days with weights. all the other days are conditioning. Monday is upper body, then tuesday is tempo training. Wednesday is lower body, then thursday is long slow distance work to not dig into my legs too much. Friday is upper body again. Saturday is tempo training or off. Sunday is HIIT up a hill. On the days I lift weights I also try to hit the heavy bag for 15-30 minutes if I have time.