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Picking Accessory Exercises

Hey everyone. I have been running the beginner template in the second edition but was thinking of switching it up to the beginner template off Jims website as it seems better for bringing up the lifts and helping push progress. While looking at doing this the next cycle I was looking at the accessories listed and was contemplating laying it out before hand or just randomly pick an exercise off the list that day by feel.

With that said I got to thinking, How does everyone else do it? So I figured I would put it out there. Do you guys plan your supplemental accessory work or just do what you feel on the day?

I believe Jim has written before that it varies from person to person. I personally like to plan it. For example, my assistance work consists of 50 reps push, 50 reps pull, 50 reps abs every workout, but I know exactly which exercises I’m going to do each and every session. Makes it super easy for me to just get it done with no thinking required. I think you need a general plan at least - e.g “50 reps push” - but beyond that it’s probably just personal preference.

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Running (ran) the same program. I picked more back work and rear delt work since the main lifts don’t cover those that much. Sometimes my day would be squat, bench press, dips, pullups, lat pull downs, and single arm machine rows. You rarely hear someone having problems because their back is stronger than their chest.

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I personally plan it.

This leaders and anchor I’m doing; Db rows, chins, dips, dumbell presses, ab work and SLDL’S.

For most people I’d say go with the wendler 6 and chuck in some exercise variation if you need it.