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Picking a Training Program

Hey guys, I am new to hitting the weights hard. I have trained as a boxer for over a year 6 days a week like a maniac but i’ve had a change of heart and know i want to pursue bodybuilding (squatting and benching heavy wasn’t ideal for boxing, but i love both).

I looked through Thibs “6 weeks to superhero” but it seems overly ambitious for someone who doesn’t know many of the lifts.
I like the Velocity diet advanced training program (if i cut out the last day which is body weight circuits and add in rope/bag work for enjoyment).

What is your opinion on where i should begin? I intend to train 3-4 times a week, and i seem to do very well with a leangains style of IF.

Advice much appreciate.

Your Welcome

Starting strength for a couple of months to learn the lifts, then move on to 5/3/1 or 3-way bodybuilding split

Choose a workout the focuses mainly on the 3 big lifts and add in exercises for smaller muscle groups like biceps then once you are strong enough and have built a good foundation get a body-building split.