Picking a Surge Flavor

Chocolate > Original > Root Beer > Vanilla

I haven’t tried Raspberry since I don’t usually like that flavor.

[quote]BigRagoo wrote:
I’m stuck on the Original. [/quote]

No doubt. It was real tough (for me) to finish that tub of Raspberry, and now I’m scared to deviate from the OG.

[quote]NewDamage wrote:
From someone who’s used Original Surge since God knows when, I recently tried the Chocolate flavor…and I’m never looking back.

Sweet mother of God and all that is Holy…Chocolate Surge is the [u]BOMB DIGGITY[/u][/quote]

I love it!

And I like Original too.

I’ve only tried original and raspberry, but I personally can’t stand the raspberry, it is way to sweet for me to take more than one sip.

[quote]Donut62 wrote:
Raspberry rapes every other flavor.[/quote]

Agreed. Biotest really nailed that flavor, I still can’t believe how well they got everything to dissolve. I found the Original to be a bit chalky, the Raspberry is way more soluble. Easily the best tasting and most effective supplement on this website.


My current rotation consists of chocolate, vanilla, and root beer and I have to say that I enjoy all three.

Original is good too, but I find raspberry a bit too sweet.

Hmm…you know what I’m going to do? With my next order, I’m going to get Chocolate and Raspberry. Then I’m going to try drinking a scoop of each for my PWO drink. That’s actually a fucking brilliant idea! Gold star for Jerkwad, yeah!