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Picking a Pre-Workout Supp


Should i use Prolab Creapure Creatine Monohydrate Powder, USPlabs Jack3d or Gaspari Nutrition SuperPump250?


food, carbs etc and creatine. if as company has to market their product misspelled (or with the word 'pump'), then you can be sure that its a load of bollocks designed to empty your wallet for little gain.


You sure about that?

The three products the OP listed have completely different functions. There is definitely something to be gained. It depends what youre looking for when figuring out if its a waste of money.


im not a huge pre-workout guy but ive heard good things about 1M.R. i heard its better than jack3d.

creatine should be a staple not as a pre-workout but just as a general supplement.

what are you looking to get out of your pre-workout supplement? if its energy and focus, you could move from cheap to expensive. I.e. start with caffeine pills and if it isnt doing it for you, move to a more expensive pre workout.

im not sure about jacked and shit but super pump has some good stuff in it, BCAA, citrulline, and the like but i dont know how much of that stuff is actually in it or if its a tiny amount just to put it on the label.

super pump is the only one ive ever used (got a free sample a couple times) and it seemed alright. just not worth the money.


gamepharma this is a good stimulant, better focus and energy than jack3d could give you, I've been using it lately.


cross creatine off that list, as that is a general supp taken during the day with no need for precise timing. OF the two there, I would go with gamepharma, I've heard good things about it.