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Picking a First Belt

I have been thinking about getting a belt for deadlifting soon and have researched them a bunch. I’m leaning toward one of the inzer belts but I’m not sure if I should get a normal belt or a tapered one. I’m only 5’5" and my torso is short for my size if that’s possible and I’ve heard people mention that tapered belts are better if you’re shorter and have a short torso. If any anybody has any advice on this matter or has a different recommendation for brand that would be great. Also, what’s the difference between 10 mm and 13 mm.


good question. I know Rippetoe doesn’t like the tapered belts but I saw an awful lot of tapered belts in the Olympics on the smaller lifters. The front of the belt needs to fit between your pelvic bone and your ribs. You don’t want it on top of the bone, you want it to compress the muscles in your abs.


these are high quality belts, but this is specifically designed for deadlifts-they should be different then squat belts- so if you want a nice deadlift belt go with that.

that guy sells some of the BEST quality belts out there, can’t go wrong.