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Picked Up a Zune

Just picked up one of these little funky new devices - my girlfriend has the touch, and I wanted my own for my own junk, so I picked one of these up.

Anyone got one?

If so, how do you like it? Where are you finding sites to download video content? Torrent sites?

Gimme the low down, yo

I got one myself and bought on for my girl at x-mas ( $89.99 at circuit city for the 30gb model)

For what they are, they are pretty good. when uploading video, it does it own conversion to fit. It gets quite annoying, but worth it. So far I’ve tried to find the correct specs, codecs and what not, but to no avail. Just download movies already formatted to mp4 for ipods and the conversion will be much quicker. ( I have all season of family guy and robot chicken on mine as well as some Veronica Mars)

Also, after you upload an item and happen to delete it from your computer, it’ll delete it from your Zune unless you change the file’s option to “non-sync”

Most of the cases for Zunes are rubbish, but if you can still find them, the Speck Canvas ones rock pretty well and they look like old school converse sneakers.

Oh, and turn off the wireless link feature feature and you’ll save about 30%-40% juice.

I have a 30gb zune and love it. I have about 4k songs on it and 12 hours of video or so, with 6gb left. Video quality is very good, to convert files from avi or some unsupported format i use total video converter (downloaded from www.thepiratebay.org through a torrent). Listened to it as i worked yesterday for 7 hours at volume 10/20, and it was only down to like 60% or so battery.

www.thepiratebay.org is pretty much one of the best torrent sites out there. I use the utorrent program for the torrents. I’ve heard it’s better than bittorrent.

the zune is great, only bad thing is there arent many accessories for them.

I agree. I found it to be a much better buy than the ipod. (And I hate ipods. No idea why, but I just never want to buy one, so the Zune was the best option).

And if you want to download legally (which I doubt anyone here does), there market place is much better. $15 per month for unlimited downloads.

Yes. uTorrent is probably the best bittorrent client out there now. Azureus has more features and is also good, but a memory hog.

I had one when they first came out. Not bad, a little bulky, but still nice.

I sold it once I got my iPhone

or get a code for www.demonoid.com